Thursday, 26 August 2010

Spooks, Poofs and Degenrate Moderns

The death of Gareth Williams, GCHQ and MI6 Spook in West London is a bit of a puzzle.

Various media outlets have hinted at him being a possible homosexual. Perhaps the best being that he was an "uphill cycler." Is that akin to an uphill gardener? If it turns out he once worked part time as a packer in a fudge factory... well, that'll seal the deal.

Already some journos are suggesting that his death may have been a 'sex game' gone wrong. Yes I know dear reader, you and I have both led such sheltered lives!

Perhaps this poor chap is being made a patsy for some spook scheme that's gone wrong? Or perhaps the media are trying to break a scandal to us softly?

If it does turn out a spook homosexual has been at the centre of some sordid "deathstyle" - well, you'd think 'they' (the Spook-masters) would have learnt the lessons of the past.

I wonder what it is that makes homosexuals so apt to treachery? Is it the base nature of their activities?

Does anyone out there in internetland know of any studies on this kind of thing?

Certainly the superb book "Degenerate Moderns" by E Michael Jones points to the degenerate sexual proclivities of those involved in the arts being responsible for the degenerate nature of modern 'culture.'

I must admit, the admittance of known homosexuals in the BNP over recent years made me uncomfortable, to say the least.

That some of them are now in the "Reformist" wing of the BNP (i.e. trying to expose alleged corruption in the BNP leadership) does make me doubt whether Nationalism will ever be truly free of the dysfunctional characters that have benighted it for many moons.

I hope to be proved wrong. Perhaps I am expecting more from human nature.


Anonymous said...

The fact that he was neatly packed in a holdall does seem as if it is a warning for those who 'found' him.

Anonymous said...

it is certainly very weird!

Anonymous said...

The pushing him as a homo could be a cover story. What if he was normal and killed by the state?

Anonymous said...

....hmmm, I think it's exactly the point being made by the first two posters Sherlock!

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