Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Lessons for Modern Nationalists from Sir Gawain

Sad to say Nationalism in the last few decades has been a tale of betrayal and greed, lies and selfishness.

Is it wishing for too much to hope that some form of chivalry might take root in those who fight (with their hearts and minds as opposed to shields and swords) for their nations?

If we can get nationalists to embrace honourable conduct in all things, then it may be a meaningful step in the right direction.

Some will laugh, others mock. But unless we do try and set a good example, then there is no hope. And if there is no hope, there is no future for nationalism other than to be the plaything of ne'erdowells.

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
From Book II, Section 28 (part of)

First, he was found faultless in his five senses,
and his five fingers never failed him in any deed,
and all his faith in this world was in the five wounds
that Christ carried on the cross, as the Creed informs us.
No matter where he moved in melee or in battle
it was his fervent thought through thick or thin
that when he fought his courage came from the five joys
the high Queen of Heaven had of her child.
(And so the noble knight would never wear his shield
till her image had been painted on the inner half;
for when he saw her face his courage never failed.)
And a fifth five was found in Gawain:
bounty and brotherhood above all else;
courtesy and a clean heart (these were never crooked)
and the finest point, compassion -- these five virtues
marked him more than any man alive.


Anonymous said...

There does seem to be an over propensity of social misfits/retards, drunkards/alcoholics, backstabbers, informants, money grubbers....but that's enough of the Big 3 Establishment parties!

Seriously though, it is the duty of all nationalists to battle with ones own demons and shortcomings first before they can even start to think of 'saving the Race & Nation', by the same token, give us a leader and we will follow!

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