Friday, 20 August 2010

Druggies Losing Benefits - Good, But Not Enough

I awoke this morning, and before I could slide on my monogrammed FC slippers the radio was informing me of the Home Office's decision to reintroduce a NuLab idea of stopping benefits (state hand outs) to drug addicts who refuse treatment to get them off their addiction.

I concur.

I think this is a good start. But it's not enough.

It's not that I'm like the liberals who lined up on the radio to rail against the forceful nature of the moves -- I think sometimes you need a touch of tough love, especially with people with real problems who cannot help themselves and will lie, even to their closest relatives, to keep getting their fixes.

Furthermore we should also remember that just as they are victims -- so are the rest of us. From the small shop keeper who gets his goods stolen, to the child who plays in the park near used needles, and the many others who suffer from the crime and degenerate nature of drug addiction.

We deserve help too - and forcing druggies to go through cold turkey (or whatever else) can only help all of us.


This will all be a complete waste of time, effort and money if there is no support structure for these people (all someones brother, son etc.) to enable them to stay 'clean' once they go through their treatment.

Unless this action is universal, there will be druggie circles waiting to embrace them and reintroduce them to the 'joys' of addiction within weeks of being reintroduced to society.

Furthermore, unless we as a society crack down mercilessly on drugs and especially the dealers and importers of this scourge right across the board, then new addicts will quickly be created, to be joined by the ex-junkies at any given stage.

Unless this move is joined by an absolute and unconditional Crusade Against Drugs, it is just more tinkering around the edges, with no long term vision to help the sad individuals hooked on drugs and the rest of us who suffer the consequences.

Indeed those conspiratorially minded might say it is being done deliberately to show there is 'no answer' so that heroin et al can be 'legalised.'

This idea of stopping benefits, as with so many things initially promoted by NuLab is, I fear, more about winning Daily Mail accolades, and less about offering real solutions to communities and families that have been all but destroyed by the cancer of drug abuse.

I would hope intelligent government ministers (most have more qualifications than I) would join the dots and see that we need an all-embracing, universal move to help the addicts and crack down mercilessly on the pushers.

I don't think I'll hold my breath though.

A very good friend and comrade of mine helps drug addicts on the streets. He has got many through bad times, helped them get accommodation, has learnt that many of them are good people, thrown into the lion's den through bad companions or bad events. He helped one particular pour soul get clean (amongst others). He was a good man with a very sad back story. Then he went off and a short while later was found dead from drugs.

You see those who got him hooked, wanted him back on the drugs. This basically good man was just trash to them, and then he was limp with lifeless eyes, his life wasted, his future gone. Another person's son was dead, full of injection holes. Another life given over to crime and drug abuse.

Unless we create a situation wherein we can release these people into a society free from drugs, where he and those like him can't be preyed on by other junkies or the pushers, and where they can be helped by those who believe in a second chance, then in so many cases they will go back to the substance that has a strange love-hate hold over their lives.

At the moment the good work, the demanding work, the heart-breaking work of those like my friend who fight seemingly against all hope, are like King Canute trying to hold back the tide (I know he did it to prove he couldn't before anyone writes in).

They are good people fighting an oncoming tide of evil.

They deserve better, the junkies deserve better, society deserves better. The pushers deserve the rope.

As with the banking usury that has thrown people on the dole on a generational basis, or the mass immigration that has destroyed traditional white working class communities, the powers-that-be do not care about "the people." That much is obvious.

They all claim to be Christian, yet Christ showed the example of moving amongst the destitute in society, to help them and show true compassion and true charity.

The politicians move through a world of mega-rich bankers, celebrities, big egos, large wallets, vacuous, rich men.

Outside of short photo opportunities which they are whisked to and from in their luxurious chauffeur driven cars, these people know nothing of the underworld inhabited by the junkies.

Unless and until we strike out against drugs in a meaningful way nothing will change. No mercy against the pushers, true compassion and tough love towards the junkies.

That much is obvious.

If nationalists promote this -- as with usury-free banking and tax-free local government -- I sincerely believe we can show the people that we are the only force for Social Justice. We are the only people who truly care for our people.

Unlike the politicians we shouldn't do this to win headlines, we should do this to win hearts and minds, and to save society from a disaster that it is currently sleepwalking towards.


gerry said...

what scum politicians would let any society especially one which used to be close-knit, proud communities, become the centres of addiction and crime that they are. The old industrial areas are especially hard hit.

Anonymous said...

The problem I have with agreeing with this is the same as the capital punishment one, there is no way I would advocate the use of capital punishment by this or the Labour government as there is the very real danger that they would use its availabilty to do away with those they disagree with i.e. US!!!! Not so ridiculous an asumption given that all Establishment parties work to make 'racism' (racial pride) a heinous crime and subject to more social approbium than rape, paedophilia.

The question is also whether the State has a right to dictate on how one should decide to live ones OWN life, there are druggies around of that there is no doubt, it is a bit rich when the end product (the druggie) is picked on rather than the actual drug smugglers/pushers being executed. This is also similar to picking on welfare claimants rather than the greedy embezzlers at the top.

We should stand with the disenfranshised against the bullying b****ds!

Anonymous said...

Hear! hear! To the above anon poster, it is about bloody time that we took these issues by the scruff of the neck and went on the offensive rather than wallow in our apathy.

Our people are look for leadership, it is about time we had the courage of our convictions and stood up for them against this State oppression.

We must be seen to hold the viable solution to that which ails our nation.

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