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Truth Not Hate: Who Owns the Fed? Who Issues the Debt?

Brother Nathanael Kapner is an unusual fellow, for not only is he convert to Christianity from Judaism, he also became a monk.

I had not heard of him before, but just a few weeks ago I read about him E Michael Jones's superb magazine 'Culture Wars' (see link to it in this blog's side panel).

In Culture Wars E Michael Jones (EMJ) reviews the Coen Brothers' film A Serious Man.

EMJ says that the film "is certainly the most anti-Jewish film Hollywood has ever produced," based as it is on the Coens' own childhood.

EMJ then juxtaposes this with the examples of 'Polish' 18th Century Jew Solomon Maimon and Brother Nathanael Kapner, both of whom also expose the Jewish authorities as EMJ says the film does:

  1. The Jewish religion is false...
  2. All rabbis are clueless, fatuous fools
  3. All Jews are repulsive...
  4. A catastrophe is looming...

And do bear in mind none of this is the work of so-called "anti-Semites," these are all people born of the Jewish race and raised in the Jewish religion.

The Zionists call such people "self-hating Jews," just as the call gentile Zionists 'worthy amongst the gentiles' and other epithets.

Basically if you support Zionist power, Zionist usury, Zionist racism, Zionist illegal nukes, Zionist terror and the anti-Christian Jewish religion (with its Kabbalistic and Talmudic roots) which acts as the justification and rationale of these bodies and actions that keep all manner of peoples in slavery and servitude; then - Jew or gentile - you are OK.

But if you have the courage to stand up and proclaim that the emperor has no clothes on, then if you are a gentile you are an "anti-Semite" and if you are Jewish you are a "self-hating Jew."

Like the Marxists, the Zionists have an answer to every nuance. And like the Marxists who screech "nazi" or "fascist" at anyone who sees through their 'paradise on earth' verbiage to justify the rule of the gulags; the Zionists can call us "anti-Semites" etc. for seeing through their terror, usury and control of America, thus the world.

I think it is time that we, as Christians, as Nationalists should recognise that there are honest, decent people like Brother Nathanael Kapner who have seen through the lies, and who are prepared to expose evil.

It makes it obvious this isn't some brain dead racism. It's not hating a people for how they were born, it is about right versus wrong, good versus evil.

We do not hate coloured people because they are born coloured, we just want to live amongst our own people as we did for millennia.

Nor do we hate Jews because they are born Jewish, we just want to control our own nations and not be involved in foreign wars, be taxed to pay usury loans, etc.

Is it a crime to wish to live in our own lands, have our own faith, have usury-free banking, stay free of foreign wars?

Is that evil? Is that hate?

I don't think so.

The evil and hate comes from those who organise usury banking, who push degeneracy through the media, who foment war and fear of war, who are behind mass movement of drugs, who attack and water down our Christian faith, who back mass coloured immigration into Europe, who promote Communism and feminism, who promote the use of torture etc. etc.

Brother Nathanael Kapner is not a "self-hating Jew" he is a Jew who has seen through centuries of Talmudic hatred and Kabbalah black magic to see the Truth.

Anyone who attacks him for that is deluded, for we all have a duty to fight what is twisted, evil and a detriment to the peoples of the world for the benefit of a small minority.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, so a jew has 'converted' to Christianity.....still wouldn't trust him.

A little bit of Noam Chomskyism going on here, he is pushed by all and sundry as the 'voice against globalism' yet he is a jew who guess what? 'CONVERTED' from being one of the world's biggest purveyors of globalism/internationalism/one worldism....still wouldn't trust him.

I've said it before and, I'll say it again just in case it may finally get through to some who aren't yet convinced, the jew backs EVERY horse in the race.

You are either with Christ or the jew.

Anonymous said...

Thought the most 'anti-jewish film Hollywood has ever produced' was Jud Suss, adapted from the book written by a jew. Or was it not 'Hollywood produced.'

Anonymous said...

Never ever trust the jew, no matter if they have 'converted' they are treacherous snakes in the grass.

Anonymous said...

poacher turned gamekeeper.

Anonymous said...

When is there going to be a muslim-jew 'convert' seeing as Islam is the flavour of the moment?!

Anonymous said...

Do you actually give credence to his statements? All you need to do is do a little study YOURSELF.

Anonymous said...

Abe Lincoln did not 'free the slaves' another myth perpetrated by the yid, he in fact kept his slaves long after the 'Civil War'.

How come this yid does not say that Abe was done away with, as was JFK, because he wanted a monetary system that would not be subject to interest/usury?

Hmmmm, FC, I thought you were a little bit more 'jew wise' than this...or are you indeed Vatican II?

Anonymous said...

So a yiddisher has 'converted' how come he is the centrepoint for all things Christian and the 'voice of reason'?

A jew is a jew, perfidity is an inherent part of their genetic makeup.

Anonymous said...

Whether he can be trusted or not depends on what he comes out with.

What he says is pretty much spot on.

He calls a spade a spade.

Sure he's a poacher turned gamekeeper: so he know's how Judaism works!

Final Conflict said...

to the child who accuses us of being Mossad or whatever: go away.

Our history speaks for itself. When everyone else was clattering for the invasion of Afghanistan we exposed how ridiculous and self-defeating it would be.

if you have something serious to say fine. otherwise don't indulge us in your childishness.

Anonymous said...

Funnily enough, quite a few were against the invasion of Afghanistan and don't swallow the lie.

In fact we also opposed the vengeance in the name of Bush Snr. on Saddam and exposed the bs that was the WDM argument, if a country has WDM and doesn't actually use them when they are being invaded well it doesn't take an Edison...

Anonymous said...

indeed he is 'poacher turned gamekeepr' and no doubt he does know how judaism works, that is exactly my point he would be better spending his time studying his 'new' religion.

does his argument (conversely ours) hold credence merely because he was once 'one of them and not because he is a goy?

Anonymous said...

If he was a Christian he would not now revel in his ex-judaism he would if anything be embarrassed.

His work on behalf of the Elders is ongoing......

Anonymous said...

even Edward I allowed some jews to convert. as long as they don't act as a fifth column as in isabella's Spain hence the inquisition, there are going to be a few decent types who convert.

who knows who is the descendent of an Edward I-era jew who converted?

dave said...

FC has published and sold material by many anti-Zionist writers and activists.

It now puts out this one video by a jewish convert attacking Judaism's role in banking and its some kind of Jew-lover?

get real you loser. You are the real fifth column because with all your whacko theories when everyone is a secret agent of the Jews you make it impossible to fight the real enemy.

S. Hughes said...

"If he was a Christian he would not now revel in his ex-judaism he would if anything be embarrassed.

His work on behalf of the Elders is ongoing......"

if you read his material you would know that he has attacked Judaism.

if he ignored it - as you want him to - you would denounce him as a figfth columnist.

he has converted. he has attacked judaism. he has attacked their role inj banking usury. he has attacked zionism and the isreali lobby.

good god man! you wouldnt be happy no matter what he did.

he's done a sight more then you "anon" to debnounce judiam and zionism and bring its evil deeds to the world's notice.

no one is saying his material is any more valid that E Zundel's
, K Macdonald's, EM Jones's, M Hoffman's etc.

but get a grip man. he has valid things to say that you haven't yet picked any fault in!

FC, please don't give any more space to these dribblers with nothing valid to say.

Anonymous said...

No argument regards FC punting anti-zionist literature, you miss the point, it is the fact that he seems to adopt such a sycophantic attitude because this 'convert' was once a Topol.

Anonymous said...

FAO: S. Hughes

Are you the voice of reason? ha ha. He is a Chomsky.

Oh, and as for making reference to my having not denounced the Talmudics/Kabbalists as much as him grow up, you don't know who I am you mug.

The only one I'd imagine is a 'dribbler' is you, you senile old twat!

S. Hughes said...

so anon, yes we can all marvel at everything you have done to expose Zionism. Please send a link to your utube video naming the names.

Or are you just hot air who likes to slag off anyone not as perfect and all-knowing as you?

Time to get dressed and leave your bedroom.

i.e. get a life.

You have yet to state anything that he said in this video which is a lie.

Anonymous said...

"senile old tw#t!"

that's a sweeping judgement against anyone over 50.

Final Conflict said...

I think the personal diatribes have brought this to an end. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

"Thought the most 'anti-jewish film Hollywood has ever produced' was Jud Suss, adapted from the book written by a jew. Or was it not 'Hollywood produced.'"

E Michael Jones says the Coen Brothers' film is more anti-Jewish than Jew Suss...

Anonymous said...

Yes perhaps, but Jud Suss has been watched by many millions more than Coen Brothers' film will ever hope to achieve!

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