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Liberalism, Homosexuality, Paedophilia and a Zionist Media

Richard Ingrams used to be the editor of Private Eye, prior to the present incumbent Ian Hislop. I recall him being interviewed on TV once, in relation to Private Eye, when the interviewer said that he had been accused of 'anti-Semitism.' Ingrams replied with words to the effect that if you were investigating corruption in business you would run into Jews.

As Zionist blogger Robin Shepherd quotes Ingrams:

“I have developed a habit,” he said, “when confronted by letters to the editor in support of the Israeli government to look at the signature to see if the writer has a Jewish name. If so, I tend not to read it.”

Such outspokenness is of course beyond the pale for Neo-Cons, Zionists and the like.

For them, Ingrams uncovering shady Jewish businessmen is proof of his 'anti-Semitism' rather than proof of the businessmen in question being wrong 'uns.

They don't, conversely, point out the many European, British and/or White businessmen he uncovered as being corrupt (to borrow their verbiage that could make him a self-hating gentile!).

The controlled media will always fire a broadside against anyone who stands up against certain interests, and refuses to back down. Should that person or group continue on their course they will, sooner or later, face an all out assault employing the greatest lie machine the world has ever know.

Historically, nationalists have seen this for themselves!

Now I sincerely believe that the sudden uproar about paedophile priests in the Catholic Church has more to do with the current Pope moving towards traditionalism, than it has to do with genuine newsworthiness.

After all, this was news some years ago when the liberal pro-Jewish John Paul II was in power, and JPII was in power when much of this was knowingly 'hushed up.'

Needless to say, the news media won't lay the blame on those (like JPII) who opened the doors of the seminaries to homosexuals; ironically you see the media attacks the church whenever it attacks homosexuality - a clear case of wanting to have your cake and eat it.

Much of the uproar ensued after the episode of the removal of the questionable "ban" on Bishop Williamson and his confreres. The media suddenly discovered the Bishop had an historical opinion (which he hadn't hid) and the paedophile scandal reached a crescendo.

You really think the Zionists don't have that kind of mentality, to cover-up homosexual abuse to save it for a rainy day? Remember they cheerleaded (!) the invasion of Iraq after "911" on the back of non-existent WMDs. This was sheer revenge for the scudding of Tel Aviv!

These people have long memories, and anyone who moves against their interests will be attacked.

John Paul II was a liberal so they let the faggot priests go unreported, swept it under the carpet. Benedict XVI is, in their eyes, undoing JPII's liberal changes, so they come out via a complicit media, all guns blazing.

I am sure Ingrams, an Anglican btw, knows the score too. His first piece in his column in today's Independent deals with the example of the "terrorist" priest in Northern Ireland:

The distinguishing mark of modern society, G K Chesterton once wrote, is a hatred of religion. If that was the case more than 100 years ago, you could magnify it 100 times over for today. Hatred is the crucial word. Not apathy or indifference, but a violent reaction of the type that can lead to intemperate, illogical language even from clever people...
The forces ranged against faith in today's society, from Zionist Jews to atheist Reds (often from the same lineage) both with their own useful idiots in the shape of Neo Cons and liberals, are out to target every last vestige of Christianity that they cannot transmogrify into a faggot-hugging, Jewish-worshipping bastardised form of kum-bay-ya happy clappiness which goes against the central tenets of Christianity.

A friend gave me a clipping concerning a report about America and the paedophile scandal, which showed that the scandal also infected most other churches (obviously - as homosexuality infects them all), some with far higher percentages, but of course the Jewish authorities do not see these others as a threat, so to Joe Bloggs the 'paedophile scandal' is a Catholic problem.

Of course it is worse for the Catholic Church because it does take a hard-line (sorry, correct line) against homosexuality; but that is exactly why the Catholic Church must practice what it preaches and cast out all the homosexual priests, just as it used to, and bring back its stringent entry codes.

Being happy clappy and putting an "I luv Jesus" sticker on the Popemobile is not the answer.

The example of the Church should be an example to Nationalists.

As I have said for years, we too must practice what we preach. If we try to uphold nationalism as something morally superior to the degenerate Capitalist everyone-for-themselves world and the Communist lowest-common-denominator world, then what does it show when sordid homosexual tales, allegations of sexual misdemeanours and other morally worrying reports occur?

The same is true of drug use and much else besides.

Those of us who lived through the scandals and dirty-laundry-washed-in-public of the 80s will well recall the sex, homosexual and drugs scandals of those days from the NF.

It is obvious that any organisation which claims to be against that kind of mess, must keep its own house in order before it can try to bring the world back from the brink.

The media isn't going to kick up a fuss over a paedophile scandal involving the Orange Order. The media isn't going to kick up a fuss over umpteen Jewish/rabbi paedophile scandals. The media isn't going to kick up a fuss over the many parliamentarian paedophile scandals. the media isn't even going to link together all the many paedophile scandals in the police (I have noticed a plethora of unconnected cases in one fairly small area in the last 2 years).

The media certainly isn't going to point the finger at the fact that the spread of homosexuality in all these bodies, and society at large, is the reason for the growth in the utter cancer and evil that is paedophilia because the media are responsible for making homosexuality "acceptable" despite what common sense and medical evidence tells us.

It is ironic that in liberalising both nationalism and Catholicism (and I'm sure the same is true of other Christian denominations) that the very enemies of both have been able to get inside and, although a tiny minority, have sown the seeds of chaos.

The resulting pain, betrayal and hurt destroys the belief of many, and enables the enemies of both to rub their hands with glee, and use the results -- should Nationalism or the Church want to move back to its traditional stance (against Zionism etc.) -- to come out on full attack mode.

The Catholic Church is at fault for turning a blind eye to homosexuals and ignoring its own traditional teaching on such matters. It will take a lot of cleansing and hard work to build up trust again.

What lessons for nationalism?

Richard Ingram's column

Robin Shepherd's attack on Ingrams

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Anonymous said...

great post.

the fact that 99.9% of pedophilia is homosexuality is ignored by the media that has promoted homos

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