Monday, 16 August 2010

Fidelity in Marriage and Fidelity to Nationalism

I have always said that the man who cannot show fidelity to his wife, cannot show fidelity to his Nation.

In other words, the man who breaks the vow he made before God (or I guess in these days, before some local council appointee) and shows no honesty in this regard and the promises he made to his wife, will just as easily betray the nationalist cause (or indeed any cause).

Right: We have enough liars, cheats and con men lauding it over us now. We shouldn't tolerate any in Nationalism.

I do not say such a thing in order to promote myself as some sort of "super husband." Far from it as Mrs. FC would be quick to point out.

I believe however that faithfulness to one's spouse is as important as the care of one's children, and the very least one should be capable of as a husband and father.

No parent would, I hope, dream of betraying the trust of their children by willingly putting them in danger. And yet it seems a growing number of 'men' see no problem in putting the very fabric of marriage in danger by cheating on their wives (and vice versa I'm sure, but let's deal with the men here).

As nationalists, as patriots, I would hope that all of us would concur that the family, that marriage, is central to the stability of the nation.

That much, surely, is glaringly obvious.

Aside from mass immigration making vast swathes of England into microcosms of Asia and Africa, with all their tribal conflicts and the societal problems that generations of offspring of mixed cultures bring, I would honestly say that the collapse in the family has played a major part in the UK's downward spiral.

Anti-social crime often stems from broken or dysfunctional 'families.' Drugs run through communities where families have broken-up and the community spirit is lost. A generation of kids grow up with no male role model, or a succession of "uncles" or step-dads.

In this situation some liberal voice - or even a well-meaning soul who has found himself in this situation through no fault of their own - will pipe up and provide the example of a 'broken' family that works well.

And I do not doubt they exist, just as there are old-fashioned families that are a train wreck. But these are the exceptions that prove the rule.

Look across Britain and you see a society where the family has all too often collapsed, and the consequences are there for all to see.

Furthermore I would argue that in the people who are chosen (by media moguls and party systems) to rule us, there is an over-riding lack of honesty.

This was seen in the recent expenses scandal -- which I still insist happened just after the banking crisis because the media were ordered by the banking masters to reek revenge on the politicos who had dared bare their teeth against the bankers.

If the banking collapse hadn't happened, the expenses scandal would have been brushed under the carpet with perhaps a handful of replaceable fall guys taking the heat for all the other money-grubbers and traitors in parliament.

As it was the banks were left reeling after the attacks on them and their practices by all and sundry and -- despite being baled out by the tax-payers taking out more usury-loans to keep them afloat -- they released their attack dogs with the full venom of the expenses scandal.

A perfect example of why money grubbers are always open to control and blackmail .

But let's get back to fidelity in marriage.

Aside from the wider societal issues which I believe every Nationalist - and certainly every Nationalist that considers himself a Christian - must concur with, I think this has grave issues for the individual Nationalist.

As surely as the politicians who 'flipped' their second homes to fiddle their expenses, the nationalist who runs after a 'piece of skirt' just because she flutters her eyelashes at him, or because he has some sort of misguided idea that he has the right to try it on regardless, is showing that he puts his own welfare and well being ahead of anything else.

Such oath breakers will have no trouble in breaking the comradeship of the cause and betraying his compatriots.

What is more obvious still is that the nationalist that cheats on his wife lays himself wide open, as per the MPs' expenses and second home scandal, to coercion, blackmail and suchlike.

Some will say that temptation comes to folk and many slip up and recover and that is perfectly true. It is human nature.

However I do believe that as Nationalists - and especially as (to coin an old phrase) as nationalist 'cadre' material - we need to be showing the example for others to follow.

It's an idea as old as the hills and has been followed the length and breadth of Europe since your daddy was knee high to a grasshopper, but it remains as valid today.

Those who stand up to defend Faith, Family, Nation must be the best examples of fidelity to all three.

To do otherwise is as deluded as someone who says that race-mixing is wrong, that immigration has been a tremendous mistake, that the millions of Third World people in the UK should be humanely resettled in their countries of origin, etc. etc. deciding that taking an African as a mate is hunkydory and fine.

Wouldn't we all decry such an action as rank hypocrisy?

Just so, dear reader, with the nationalist who betrays his wife. There can be no excuse for such shenanigans whether within the movement or outside it.

If we are, one day, to build a new society from the wreckage of the liberal experiment that is spiralling downwards, then what right have we if we are no better than the people we denounce as traitors, cheats, profiteers and charlatans?

There are enough snake oil salesmen in our society without letting the nationalist cause become dominated by them.

The man who shows no loyalty to his wife, will show no loyalty to his nation; because the man with no conscience pertaining to the one closest to him, who he promised to love for life regardless of the circumstance, will have no conscience betraying those who are faces in a room, names on a list and who live miles away.

Anyone who has read the history of Mossad knows that they gain control of enemies in three ways: flattery and unknown bribary; corruption and known bribary; sexual 'honey traps.'

If, for no other positive reason, Nationalists should demand the very highest standards from their activists and leaders.

I have always believed that, and I am yet to be proven wrong.


Anonymous said...

Good article FC, it has always amused me to put myself in the position of 'mr brit public' and consider the qualities of not only those who are in the leadership position of the NF/BNP/BPP et al but also consider the rank and file members and conclude that the amount of uninspiring/utter degenerate scum involved are a disproportionately high number.

If others practiced the same excercise I am sure they would realise the same.

Every nationalist ought to be whiter than white, totally uncorruptable, honourable, loyal etc. etc. It is one thing promoting such slogans but it is another to act upon them. It is the muslim that calls such a battle as jihad which means to battle oneself for the betterment of oneself (not the Sun/Star nonsense), every nationalist ought to undertake their own jihad.

The right to speak on behalf of our Race & Nation ought to be earnt and not taken up by any tom dick and harry!

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