Thursday, 19 August 2010

What War on Drugs?

This week yet another boffin "expert" has said that we should decriminalise drugs which are currently illegal, such as marijuana, cocaine and heroin.

The media reported it as "the war on drugs" failing.

What war on drugs?

Drugs are endemic in our society and while our beloved government (c'mon guys I'm being ironic) wastes billions in needless foreign Zionist wars, and trillions on the banking-debt swindle, the pushers are out there wrecking our nations, communities, families and individual lives.

Drugs not only wreck those who take them, they result in a plethora of crimes including theft, burglary, violence etc.

So whilst politicians waffle on about protecting our people from 'terrorists' on the streets it is organised crime and scum that ruin whole communities.

Where is the war on drugs?

They know who the pushers are, they know where the gangs hang out.

Let's have some zero tolerance. The army would do more good patrolling South London than patrolling Helmand.

I don't believe in a police state, but if we want to crack down on the pushers and eradicate heroin and the like - then we should show the drugs gangs, importers and pushers no mercy!

In a war you kill the enemy until the remnant surrenders or gives up.

So where is this war on drugs?

We should start by bringing back capital punishment for the dealers. No tolerance.

Sweep pubs, clubs, workplaces (including parliament!) with sniffer dogs.

Random drugs tests in all positions of responsibility (police, army, councils, schools etc.).

If the liberal elite, degenerate snorters and vested interests want to claim the "war on drugs" has failed then let's have a real war on drugs.

Let's shut down the peddlers of death, run the gangs that pollute the cities and towns off the streets, and clamp down on all drug use -- whilst showing real compassion to the victims of the peddlers.

We need a Crusade Against Drugs.

Real terror and fear for the pushers and importers, tempered by real compassion and help for the victims.

If we want to clean up our society this is the only way.

Decriminalising illegal drugs will only create more junkies, kill more people, ruin more lives.

It may make the lives of policemen and officials easier, but is that why we create laws? To justify liberal intelligentsia or clear the in-trays of chief constables (so they can catch more mums doing 34mph in a 30mph zone)?

No-one wants to give the State -- especially this State -- any extra powers, but if we are to beat drugs then we must take action!

I would be happy to see a whole range of other needless laws overturned, and the targeting of normal. law-abiding, people just to raise money or make it look like they are catching criminals stop.

Ending the drug endemic would stop a huge proportion of crime anyway.

But there you go!

The politicians would rather waste money on Zionist wars, and usury-banksters, and waste government time tinkering around the edges, passing laws for faggots, blethering about global warming etc. etc.

All the while real problems (like immigration and drugs) wreck communities in formerly proud communities in regions as diverse as Glasgow, South Wales, East London, Notts, Manchester and so on.

Rome is burning.

Should we get out our fiddles? Or call the fire brigade?

At the moment parliament is full of Neros.

'Twas ever thus.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah of course the 'war on drugs' cannot be won.

Utter, utter rot, if Mao can rid China of the opium dens anyone can, where there's a will there's a way.....there's always a f****ng way!

Drugs are for mugs, simple as.

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