Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Lee Barnes Paints a Dire Picture for the Future of the BNP

Many people know that this blog has quarrelled with Lee Barnes before now, primarily over his (previous) assertion of a pro-Israel stance in Nationalism.

The stance of FC and all true Third Positionists and Nationalists will not change on this.

Zionism and the State of Israel will never be allies of nationalism. This is a stance that nationalism and those of us involved in TP politics have held for decades.

It is immutable. It will not change.

Having said that, Lee Barnes has posted an interesting piece on his blog in which he states quite clearly that the BNP is potentially in its death throes.

This is contrary to what official BNP sites say, of course. But to anyone who has been watching nationalism over the last few years, it is undeniable that the BNP is in a big mess!

Personally I believe that this is because the BNP has become more interested in how much money it raises and how many people it employs than nationalism per se.

Back in 1989 Nick Griffin told us that the National Front was in trouble because it was fawning to homosexuals and Zionists. In other words it was losing its ethos, it very raison d'etre. In modern parlance it has "lost it's mojo baby."

Furthermore in the video 'Revolution in Action' he attacked Patrick Harrington for taking a wage for collecting Cadre dues. As more Cadres became disillusioned with the NF, Nick told us that the dues were being collected merely to pay a wage in a self-defeating circular motion of collecting to pay, and paying to collect.

Anyone who thinks I am making this up can watch the video and see for themselves. Nick was vitriolic in his attack on those who take a wage from nationalism.

We have moved on from the NF and 1989, yet it seems from those within the BNP the same canker now effects the BNP of 2010.

As Lee Barnes puts it:

As far as I am aware the party is now technically insolvent.

Outstanding court costs, wages bills, election expenses and also forthcoming legal cases against the party mean the BNP is now technically bankrupt.

Time will tell of course, but for someone with no political axe to grind with Nick Griffin's BNP and who was until mere days ago at the heart of the BNP machine (and not known as a trouble-maker), the full statement on his blog makes for very uncomfortable reading.


Rufus said...

Zionism is Internationalism, with the masses merged into a characterless, culturely null, materialist swamp, presided over by an elite which (understanding natural and spiritual law) keeps itself pure and distinct. How anyone, (other than the inner elite themselves) can buy into this is staggering.

I would very much like to see the video of Griffin attacking Harrington for travelling the road he is now on himself. Also, do you have any videos by Derek Holland?

Video is a powerful tool for getting the message across to people who haven't the patience to read, having been failed by the dismal education system and the modern society which demands instant gratification of everything. The Political Soldier ethos must be transmitted to the current generation. Using video to this end would be highly beneficial to the education of activists who may otherwise fall for the materialist-masonic drivel of the current 'leaders'.

I hope you can help!

Final Conflict said...

The video in question is Revolution in Action and features both Griffin and Holland.

What is amusing is that all the attacks on the politically corrupt (liberal) NF leadership members used by NG can now be levelled against the BNP.

Furthermore NG's attacks on the financial irregularities of the NF are very much part and parcel of the modern BNP, especially if what the likes of Eddy Butler, Simon Bennett and Lee Barnes have to say is true.

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