Friday, 13 August 2010

People Want Land

This is an interesting development which is a first tentative step towards realising the Distributist ideal: land and property for all.

It shows that people want the land, want to grow their own food, have their own livestock and live healthy lives.



Anonymous said...

See you at Bradford.

Anonymous said...

Neccessity is the mother of innovation! (ok, so I've altered a word and probably misspelt one or two, but otherwise I'm sure you understand the sentiments!)

Anonymous said...

why would anyone want to go to Bradford....full of stinking pakies isn't it?

Oh! I know, you're making reference to the dimwits of the EDL running round being manipulated and acting exactly as the ASBO scum which give the White youth a bad name.

EDL the guardians of British identity and morals? F**k right off!

Anonymous said...

The State are currently reaping the rewards from their two pronged attack on nationalism, on the one hand they have the fat porker Griffin and on the other the ASBO EDL.

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