Saturday, 29 December 2007

24 Hour Boss Intrusion?

There's an advert on TV - or there was, I haven't seen it for a while - which goes to show how twisted and retarded advertising execs and the dicky-bow'd "blue sky thinkers" of 'Ad Land' are.

Left: "Commuters of the world unite - you have nothing to lose but your trains" (sorry).

The ad was for some Mobile Phone company (Vodafone I think) and tried to tell people that by getting their e-mails on the move they would gain more freedom.

Now stop laughing!

How many office-dwellers really think that 24 hour emails would be a good thing?

Imagine a boss on Monday morning going red at the gills because an e-mail you received at 8pm on Sunday wasn't "actioned."

It reminded me of an article written by the Distributist Fr. McNabb when he wrote about the railway system.

He said when people started to commute to work the powers-that-be said it delivered freedom
by allowing people to live wherever they liked.

In reality all it did was give the people who Capitalism had forced off the land the chance (if they could afford it) to move out to suburbia and then sit in a glorified cattle-truck for upwards of an hour a day.

Surely freedom would be to let these people live on the land and not force them off it in the first place?

When you consider most were forced off, against their will, to work in scandalous factories and similar environs where they were treated as expendable cattle it is even m ore of a twisted mind that thinks commuting is "freedom" especially when the commuters have to sacrifice a family to work all the hours to pay the large mortgage that commuter-belt living carries (or if they do have 1.2 children, rarely seeing the child(ren) Monday - Friday).

So what do Ad Land and mobile phone companies think will give more freedom to the 9-to-5 commuting "lifestyle" - emails in that enforced train or car ride!

Ah freedom!

Do we have any idea what real freedom is any more?

Petty Napoleons preach to us about Freedoms whilst insisting on our enslavement and treating us like mushrooms (kept in the dark and fed on... well, you know the rest).

It's time we regarded freedom as what it should be:

Freedom is owning (not mortgaged for life) a home and some land.

Freedom is not being taxed to death.

Freedom is not having a government tell you and your children how to think.

Freedom is minimal interference by government - local and national.

Freedom is living under basic moral laws without 1001 Westminster and EU edicts micro-managing our lives.

Freedom is daily involvement in local politics and community decisions, not putting a cross on a piece of paper every 4 years.

Freedom isn't being forced to commute, forced to pay banks interest for most of our lives, being forced to be at a boss's beck and call 24 hours.

It reminds me of those who say the internet and online voting would deliver "more freedom." Circa 1999 in overthrowing John Tyndall a certain nationalist leader proposed this.

Goes to show the old adage 'There are none so blind as cannot see' is true.

Where computerised vote counting has been used in Ireland and America there have been suggestions of rigging the vote (I think here especially of accusations by Pat Buchanan and Irish Pro-Lifers).

Do you honestly think any Westminster regime, and certainly any EU regime, would be above any rigging of the vote - "for the greater good" of course!

If you think postal voting was a con - imagine the same mentality (a judge said it was worse than a Third World 'Banana Republic') let lose on computerised voting?

You'd have to be a moron of the first order - or desperate to appear "trend-setting and modern" to even suggest it.

Rant over.


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