Wednesday, 19 December 2007

BNP Leadership in Trouble

As there is no independent report on the Nick Griffin organised Leeds meeting to come to terms with the "rebellion" of leading members over the BNP's action in burgling one official's home and in bugging other officials' communications, we publish here a link to an account from a left-wing source:


We'll be happy to publish other accounts when we get them.

On the reported actions of 'Tony Mac' in the report we can state that a leading FC activist met Tony at a recent nationalist shindig and he was a perfect gentleman and obviously a hard-working and well-meaning nationalist.

If the report is factual in this regard we can only imagine the incredible provocation that must have proceeded the uproar.

One thing's for sure though, even if there are tweaks and twists to the story here, any account on the BNP official site of (yet another) "successful" meeting for the corrupt leadership will have to be seen for the Blairite spin that it is.

Speaking to another FC activist who has met both Chris Beverley and Mark Collett his words were: "

Chris was a nice bloke, genuine and sincere. He was happy to work with us and to network with other nationalists to the betterment of nationalism, without compromising the BNP. Everyone who mentioned him before and after had nothing but nice things to say about him.

"Collett on the other hand is a nutter. He approached a couple of us and flew into a spittle-enducing rage about 'Creationism' as if this was intended to "wind us up." He came over as a megalomaniac, puffing his chest out like a hard man, who follows Griffin's line to the nth degree. Contrary to Chris Beverley, everyone who has spoken to me about Collett says he is corrupt, degenerate, a disgrace and a waste of space.

"You could not have two characters further apart in style, substance and character."

P.S. In the Comments section of the left-wing/Zionist post someone has posted a similar account of the meeting - allegedly published by Martin Webster - the homosexual ex-NF National Activities organiser of the 70s. If that is true, both reports seem to concur on the events


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