Saturday, 29 December 2007

FC Poll Result on Zionist Wars

Support Zionist Wars
1 (1%)
Oppose Zionist Wars
67 (88%)
Stay Neutral
8 (10%)

Some interesting points. Apologies for not keeping the results of our first Poll on what nationalism should stand for; but that poll was quite clear that repatriation and opposition to race-mixing and opposition to homosexuality were important.

With the above results (Poll ended 29/12/2007) it's clear that nationalists know their onions.

We don't know who the one voter in favour of Zionist wars was... we can only assume that his boss (Mr.Wolfowitz - left) let the Legal Chaffinch Lee 'Barmy' Barnes find his way to this blog.

Please feel free to take part in our new poll.



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