Friday, 28 December 2007

Many Thanks for Your Help in 2007

A big thanks to all our supporters, readers and customers who've stuck by FC in 2007.

Left: Thanks to everyone who's helped FC in 2007, even buying a shirt helps us raise funds and spread the word!

It's been great to have so many old comrades keep in touch, and it's always a joy every time a new supporter gets in touch.

With all the gossip and the multitude of liars (especially in cyberspace) and the continual sell-out and betrayal in some quarters, it's great that we have not only continued through 2007 but won new readers and supporters.

A big thanks to all those who've helped - from our distributors to those who send in info; from all those who've bought books, CDs, shirts etc. to those who send in stamps to help our mail-outs.

With all your help we hope to keep the flag flying in 2oo8, keeping the flame of nationalism burning, holding back the 'kosherisation' of nationalism, and providing a common sense answer to the liberals on the one hand and the clowns on the other.

If you're new to FC - perhaps you've read this blog a couple of times, or have just ordered something from the FC Online Shop for the first time - we'd love you to help us however you can in 2008.

Right: FC Hopes to increase the volume and breadth of its output in 2008. If you have ideas or would like to sponsor a campaign please get in touch.

Perhaps you can take a few extra copies of FC to pass out. Certainly you can post links to the FC Site (and this blog!) on the net. Basically anything you can do to help promote FC in 2008 will be very much appreciated.

In closing, if you have any special skills or contacts please drop us a line. Contacts for design, internet skills, printing, publishing, production, distribution etc. etc.

Don't be afraid to get in touch. FC is run by nationalists for nationalists - so all help is appreciated.

With your help we can push the message even further.

For Race & Nation.


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