Monday, 17 December 2007

Cover Up and Dodgy Money

Levy tries to block Labour donor letter

What a scandal - when an established political party accepts loans and doesn't declare them to the Electoral Commission, or accepts dodgy donations via third parties...

Things are so bad in this country the day can't be far off when the Labour Government - drunk on power and full of arrogance of the people - sends its goons to burgle the homes of its members who speak out against those involved, or bugs the phones of any they suspect of seeking to spread the unpalatable truth.

Perish the thought Gordon Brown and his lickspittles would ever become so contemptuous of their own party members and supporters!

If that happened would the Labour grass roots, activists, officials, elected representatives have the guts to make a stand against such Stalinism?

Or would they remain cowards and fawn for whatever crumbs are swept their way from the (corrupt) top table?

One would like to think that honesty and truth would prevail over corruption, illegality and the abuse of power.

Sadly day to events prove that all too often thievery, cronyism and corruption hold sway over justice, truth and honesty. Would that it were occasionally otherwise... or the Stalinist Party Bosses (like Mr. Brown) may feel they can get away with anything, at the expense of their own supporters and to the detriment of natural justice and (dare I say it?) 'democracy.'


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