Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Tears of a Clown

What an awful morning it must have been, earlier today, in the Barnes household.

The bagels must have gone cold, untouched by those completely put off their vitals by the previous days events.

Arch-apologist for Israel, Lee, dabbed the tears away as he lived the horrid experience of learning the news from Washington DC.

"How dare they?"
he shouted as the radio repeated the headlines, a light foam forming at the edges of his mouth as he pounded the table, making the assembled bagels jump slightly before settling again slightly out of kilter.

So what might cause such consternation to the rabbi-hugging "patriot?"

What humanitarian disaster could disturb his demeanour in this way? After all - this was the man who cheered on Israel's army as it (tried!) to blitz its way across Southern Lebanon, creating widows and orphans as it went.

Well, just between you and me, dear faithful reader, this thing really is terrible - as far as Lee Barnes is concerned.

You see, some American intelligence experts have produced a report which scoffs at the Neo-Con claims that Iran is working on producing nukes!

Shhhh. If you listen carefully you can hear the sobbing emanating from Barnes Mansion right now.

And that gnawing sound is Donny Rumsfeld ('Rummy' to Lee) chewing his fist in an apoplectic rage.

And that low growling is coming from the direction of Los Angeles where the head Rabbi of the Simon Wieselstool Center (note Yankee spelling) sits with a permanent snarl in the "1000 Palestinians = 1 Jewish Fingernail, Conference Suite."

Although the American Intelligence services have produced reports before that have poured cold water on Neo Con objectives (such as no Iraqi link to 911, or a war with Iraq creating a vacuum to be filled by Muslim extremists, etc.) none have been delivered in such a manner, in the midst of an overt campaign by Barnes' fellow-travellers some of which have been agitating for military strikes against Iran.

Just a few months ago many Kosher Tories were even arguing (in the BNP-run Stormfront Britain) that a strike against Iran was justified because it "protected Britain" blah blah, waffle waffle.

Now that we are safe from "Iranian nukes" can we please have some action against illegal nukes held by a warmongering nation that has started several illegal wars and has already threatened to use its illegal nukes against sovereign nations?

But please dear reader (oh.... you are still there!) don't expect Lee Barnes and his pals in America and further afield to raise a hullabaloo over this threat to world peace, even though this nuclear state is involved in State-sponsored terrorism, ethnic cleansing, and was even founded on terror attacks against British servicemen, British policemen and British civilians.

All this is overlooked by Barnes & Co though because this terror, these illegal nukes and all the other 'religious extremism,' anti-European and anti-Christian hatred is all down to Israel.

Let's be quiet anyway. These things aren't to be mentioned. After all, which of the Emperor's entourage likes to be told that the fat, ugly blighter is butt naked?


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