Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Lies and Spin - BNP Strife Continues

The BNP appears to be in real trouble.

In the past the various scandals and financial improprieties have been skated over as election victories and growth assured many that much of this was a "cost worth paying."

Indeed every time dedicated nationalists in the BNP raised their concerns they were silenced by the 'party machinery' along the lines of "don't rock the boat... important elections pending... future of Britain threatened..." and so on ad infinitum.

This time the coaxing and cajoling haven't worked.

I invite FC readers to read the blogs Enough is Enough and North West Nationalists (linked to on the sidebar of this blog).

In the latter you'll read a statement from the BNP leadership in which they accuse those who were until a week or so ago upper echelon BNP stalwarts.

After you have read that, read the posts and the comments on Enough is Enough and you'll realise how low the BNP leadership has stooped on this occasion.

The official BNP statement is obviously brought out in panic... because they must realise that the false entry into Sadie Graham's house and the removal of her personal items without her consent WAS burglary.

Furthermore, the BNP leadership's clear policy of snooping on private communications is not only probably illegal - it also leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

To resort to accusing those whom you have bugged and burgled of the same illegality is a form of twisting the facts previously not seen since the days of C18 in the mid-late 90s.

What is clear is that in the rush to paint the "conspirators" as some kind of "left wing" infiltrators - the BNP leadership is looking increasingly desperate and is also making any kind of rapprochement nigh on impossible - meaning, in turn, that legal action over the bugging and burglary becomes ever more likely.

No wonder the BNP leadership is putting out wild and speculative statements on their web-site... they have committed crimes and in order to cover them up they are painting themselves into a corner.

The BNP has often called others "lefties" or "crooks" after they have quit the BNP or their posts because of corruption, cronyism or worse in the BNP higher echelons.

The repetition of this well-practiced mantra is now starting to look like yesterday's news: and the dedication, determination and steadfastness of the burgled and defamed patriots remains undiminished.

Despite what the BNP leadership might wish, it looks like this ain't finished.


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