Friday, 21 December 2007

Neither Islam Nor Israel

One of the best-selling badge designs over the last few weeks has been our NEITHER ISLAM NOR ISRAEL - ENGLAND FIRST badge.

Available with a red (pictured), white or blue border - it has been a bit of a hidden gem thus far, but with word spreading fast, it seems more nationalists are spreading the word and grabbing the badges whilst stocks last.

It's funny - because those who claim to be "neutral" all too often aren't. An FC supporter had an argument with a "moderniser" on a public forum going back a while, and it was amusing to watch. The "moderniser" made out he was totally neutral and would only seek to "defend Britain" and yet he was happy for our troops to be sent to Iran on the back of dodgy 'intelligence' whilst any time the subject of Israeli illegal nukes, Israel breaking UN resolutions, Israeli state-sponsored terrorism etc. etc. he made excuses and made out that it wasn't in 'our interest' to attack Israel.

You see these people are bashing a Zionist drum. Some of them know they are, some of them kid themselves they're not - but their language, their leanings, their direction is 99% Zionist.

So don't let the Neo-Con shysters steal nationalism. Spread the word and wear the badge: Neither Islam Nor Israel!

Groovy badge


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