Saturday, 1 December 2007

Abrahams & The Root of All Evil

In the shadow of the "bloke who calls himself Martin but his real name is Abrahams, who is a 'confirmed bachelor' and invented a wife-and-son combo to try and get a Labour seat, and who made dodgy donations using third parties which is all being investigated by the police before the Crown Prosecution Service decide there's not enough evidence to bring it to court" shenanigans, it appears that Gordon Brown is resolved to change party funding laws (again).

One has to ask if the Labour Party has tried, numerous times, to circumvent previous laws they themselves brought in (in a flourish of monarchic trumpeteering straight out of a Disney-style cartoon film) why should we put any trust in GB's line that he's going to make everything better with another such law.

Will another Zionist-ballet-dance-fan simply give £50K to each secretary to pass on? Perish the thought!

And what else do we put up with?

1. Labour commissars bemoaning the fact that all the other parties are just as bad! That's as may be (in fact highly probable!) but is that any defence?

"Sorry I killed him your honour, but there's other murderers - including some not even jailed, note case study of Mr. A. Blair - who've killed as many, if not more. So I shouldn't be viewed as any kind of psychopath or danger to society."

In fact the line taken by those desperate to shore up Labour corruption is a condemnation of party politics per se.

2. GB and others hinting that there might be end to party funding, to be replaced by grants coming direct from the tax-payer.

Did you ever hear of anything so utterly corrupt and morally bankrupt?

I'll be loathe to see even a penny of mine go to the scum who promote the destruction of our people via enforced miscegenation, or the low-lives who ensure the mass murder of the innocents via the defence of profiteering abortuaries.

If they need money, then they should ensure that their own MPs, MEPs and councilors give money out of their own vastly inflated wages and expense accounts. They should also increase their party membership dues, so that the saddoes who support the lawyer-class traitors can put their money where their mouth is.

Rant over.


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