Saturday, 22 December 2007

Is Mr. Griffin Telling Fibs?

Despite a rather conciliatory post on the Enough is Enough blog from Peter Phillips (I think there was a BNP candidate of the same name in South London who was a practicing homosexual...), the tension seems to have racked up a little.

In the two most recent posts - linked below - the authors of the site accuse the BNP of fabricating yet more "evidence."

It's also clear that the police are looking into the burglary of Sadie Graham's house and the removal of her personal computer and the fact it has been trawled through.

Reading Sadie Graham's "Sadie's Story" it is clear that this time more people are seeing through the shortfalls of the BNP leadership (hate to say "told you so") and that the desperation of the leadership to keep its little pot of gold is increasing the pressure - with the more extravagant claims leading to more entrenched positions.

Let us hope more people have the guts to stand up for decency and honesty, for the long-term benefit of nationalism, instead of being pressurised into staying quiet.

This story just keeps rolling on...

Screenshots on BNP Site Prove Nothing
Sadie's Story


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