Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Have a Wonderful Christmas

Everyone at FC sends their heartfelt Christmas wishes to all Nationalists, Patriots, Revisionists, Pro-Lifers and all defenders of the Family, upholders of Truth and faithful servants of the Nation.

We have been through so much, and there is so much more to do.

We face betrayal alongside loyalty, losses alongside victories, defections alongside recruits.

What is important is to keep your feet on the ground in the good times. Do not let euphoria overcome you, do not become self-centred and boastful. Remember that you are one more patriot amongst a movement.

In the bad times do not give in, do not give way to bitterness when you are stabbed in the back, do not give way to nihilism when your enemies seem all-powerful. Remember that our enemies are a conflicting mass of degenerates and we have Truth on our side. Remember that you are defending your home, your family, your nation.

So have a great Christmas and, if you get the chance, raise a glass to FC and nationalism.

Now, after sleep deprivation to rival anything the CIA could throw at me, I need to fight my bleary-eyed way through all the Christmas wrapping paper, various sprogs and their toys, discarded boxes and scattered packaging to find the headache tablets!

Merry Christmas!


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