Sunday, 23 December 2007

Practice What You Preach

The life of a political party can be strange.

Or rather, life within a political party can be strange.

As some might say, "there's nowt as queer as folk."

Left: Pim Fortyn, despite publicly proclaiming on Dutch TV that he'd like to bugger an Arab boy was still a pin-up for the kosher right and neo-con modernisers.

Given mankind's nature, it's no wonder party political life is so weird - because you cram people together who share vague ideals (if they're lucky) then you add in a good mix of the doublespeak lawyer-class, a sprinkling of ne'erdowells out to garner some kind of wage, plus the mildly (and not so mildly) psychotic who want to be the big fish in whichever pond they dwell.

Place them in the limelight of media attention and (some) public scrutiny, plus the necessity of parties to close rank, to cover-up indiscretions so that they might continue to "win elections" and garner donations and it's a heady mix with all the ingredients for regular disasters.

So we've witnessed, in recent years, with politicians now being regarded of a similar nature to gutter journalists and ambulance-chasing solicitors.

In the recent furore surrounding those who have resigned their posts and/or the party whip in the BNP, one of the background stories was that of Messers. Hannam and Collett who allegedly brought two underage girls back to their hotel room(s?) at a BNP Conference.

Not only do they belong to a party that takes a line against paedophilia, but their antics were carried out at an official party function! They have made their excuses - but ignorance (!) is no defence under the law.

I'm surprised though, given the central role of the BNP Security, according to the offended person(s), in burgling two activists' home (i.e. gaining entry by deception) that so little is heard of another "episode" in dodgy sexual behaviour.

Not so long ago rather disturbing photos of a key person were sent around the internet. They were of him in what can best be described as a "tryst" involving him, his "other half" and what I believe they call a "same sex relationship/activity."

If these were fakes they were damn good ones (there were several) and, if proven to be, I'd be the first to expose them as such with a fulsome apology... but despite their widespread distribution on the samisdat press there has been no denouncement of their veracity.

Given the BNP's promotion of family values, and the fact that this chap is named as an official head of a department on their website, it leaves a funny taste in the mouth (no pun intended).

Now we all know that no-one is perfect, but when politicians are caught in flagrante delicto it often behooves nationalists to point the finger and detail the offending person's hypocrisy (one thinks of Ron Davies's badger-watching, Mark Oaten's three in a bed fecal antics etc.) especially as we'd like the country to be run by honest, moral, family-orientated people.

Indeed, a leading BNPer has a blog set up to expose just such antics from the "major parties" and their hirelings.

We have to ask if this behaviour (attempted paedophilia and orgies with homosexual antics) with BNP department heads involved (never mind practicing homosexual candidates) how can the BNP point the finger at other parties, when these people retain their status in the BNP.

As with the corrupt EU in Brussels - it seems that only the whistleblowers get the sack!

Those who ask for good behaviour (and not just the easily assembled verbiage which calls for "family morality") get the finger pointed at them and are called "stirrers" or "purists."

As I say, the BNP does this itself with great joy and gusto with the other parties... This has to be a case of what's good for the goose... surely?

Otherwise what difference is there between one batch of amoral political pundits and another?


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