Thursday, 20 December 2007

TV Reports on the BNP: Spin & Lies

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Guessedworker said...

Transcript from the BBC’s flagship Newsnight on 18th December 2007. Reporter Paul Mason, speaking in the studio to Jeremy Paxman:-

"Well, there’s a bitter factional struggle going on inside the BNP right now, with people openingly accusing eachother on blogs of being “state assets”, which is code for MI5 agents, and the leadership calling the opposition, “neo-Nazis”.

Now, there’s essentially a personal spat going on between a senior BNP councillor in Nottingham, Sadie Graham. She was sacked as a party official, her computer was removed from her home by BNP security people, and subsequently to that a sound file of one of her telephone conversations appeared on the BNP’s website. As a result of all this, upwards of fifty local officers in the BNP have resigned. And today, on top of all this, the Labour MP John Cruddas, a man under pressure in his own constituency because there’s been a growing BNP influence there, put this dossier to parliament - 22 pages of detailed financial allegations under parliamentary privlege, the upshot of which was this ..."

[short excerpt from Cruddas’ statement in the Commons]

"Now I have spoken to the BNP’s Deputy Leader Simon Darby who points out that Mr Cruddas has a vested interest in slagging off the BNP. He says everything’s untrue. They’ve produced a detailed rebuttal on their website. Mr Darby said they would tomorrow produce their long-awaited 2006 financial accounts for the Electoral Commission ... that they’ve sacked the man responsible for delaying them ... and it was Mr Darby who used the words to me about the opposition that they have been discovered to be, he says, “hardline neo-Nazis”."

It is startling that Darby can try and cover-up by accusing Sadie Graham and Co. of being Neo-Nazis, given that not only were they in the upper echelons of the BNP until very recently, but he also knows that they in fact are "modernisers" sick, in part, with Collett's sieg-heiling antics.

Here is a link to a Channel 4 news report of the split. Notice that Channel 4 does not mention the burglary of Sadie Graham's home. As the BNP continue to spin against the "rebels" they are making this more acrid and increasing the resent felt by the "rebels," making more public pronouncements against the leadership's alleged criminality more likely.

TV Report on BNP Split


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