Saturday, 1 December 2007

BNP Sack last Halifax/Calderdale Councillor

A "party of principles" fails to sack its legal adviser for posting horrendous pro-Israel (to the extent of cheering on illegal wars and genocide) posts on his BNP promoted Blog.

A "party of principles" fails to sack its party's newspaper editor for promoting and defending race-mixing in the official party paper.

A "party of principles" rigs the leadership election and expels anyone who opposes the chairman, whilst preaching "democracy."

A "party of principles" turns against its own members in its Trade Union group to back a friend of the chairman who's alleged to have embezzled money.

A "party of principles" uses supporters money to extend the chairman's house.

A "party of principles" keeps the head of security on the payroll, despite embarrassing orgy pictures, involving "same sex" activity doing the rounds.

Yet still a councillor is kicked out for voting against the protection of the green belt! Whatever next...


By Colin Drury

THE British National Party no longer has a Calderdale councillor after its last member was sacked for refusing to toe the line, the party has said.

Geoffrey Wallace, pictured, who represents Illingworth and Mixenden, had the party whip removed for backing two planning applications to develop properties on green belt – a direct contravention of party policy, it said.

It means, just nine months after the death of Labour councillor Tom McElroy opened up the possibility the ward could become the first in the country to be entirely represented by BNP councillors, the party is now unrepresented.
Barry Collins, Labour member for the area, said: "It's splendid news. There should be no place for this party in Illing-worth or Mixenden."

MP Linda Riordan added: "It is good to see the BNP now have no councillors on Calderdale Council, which is exactly how it should be for a party that preaches hatred and division."
Councillor Wallace, the party's prospective Parlia-mentary candidate during the 2005 General Election, is said to have backed proposals to build on green land, including developing an agricultural property at Mason Green. The application was later turned down.
A BNP spokesman said: "We are a party of strong principles and if it means losing councillors who renege on party policies, that is what we will do."
After the death of Tom McElroy, the party came within a few hundred votes of winning the by-election and becoming the only party in Illingworth and Mixenden. In May's elections, group leader Richard Mulhall was ousted.
It is now likely Coun Wallace will serve as an independent. He dec-lined to comment.


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