Sunday, 9 December 2007

The Enemy Within

Who is bankrolling our government - which in turn is sending our troops to fight certain foreign wars?


David Abrahams gave in secret 'to quell conspiracy fears'
Jewish Chronicle defends its coverage of David Abrahams

Who created a new 'event' to stop people celebrating Christmas?


The Hannukah Hoax

Who is seeking to ban open debate on the internet?


"TEL AVIV — Dozens of experts from Israel and the United States
discussed ways to confront anti-Semitism, racism and xenophobia
on the Internet at a conference in Herzliya organized by ADL's
Israel Office."

Who is seeking to remove Nativity Scenes from public places in America?


receiving a request Wednesday from the Jewish Federation of
Dutchess County to remove the nativity scene, the town officials said
they were considering asking the Knights of Columbus to remove it.
Meadow said in her original request the manger offended some
non-Christians in Hyde Park and the display of religious symbols on
government property was a violation of federal law."

People talk of an "enemy within."

Certainly those who seek to control the government, banish our freedoms and destroy our Christian heritage are an enemy within.

Just don't ask the Kosher Tories and Useless Idiots of the Neo-Cons who that enemy is!


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