Monday, 24 December 2007

We're NOT Free!

It doesn't take much to start a panic.

Remember the petrol strikes (of 2001 if my ever-failing memory is right)? Or the floods of last year?

Left: Bankers and Capitalists view us as cattle to be milked for their profits; they have no loyalty to Faith, Family or Nation.

In the former the shelves of shops emptied of bread, milk and other 'essentials.'

In the latter people in some of the effected areas where water-supply was hit were even endangering themselves by drinking non-purified water.

We like to think in the 21st Century were are immune from disasters and oh so much more advanced than our ancestors who were philistines and neanderthals by comparison.

The truth, I'm sure, is not like that at all.

We have made huge advances, but pull the plug on the national grid - i.e. take away our fridges and computers, and just how "advanced" would we be?

Our people have been forced off the land centuries ago. We are no longer self-sufficient. Look at the privations when the U Boats cut off the trans-Atlantic imports!

Who amongst us has food stored for the winter (and I don't mean the glut that temporarily fills our fridge and larder over Christmas)? Who, if the water supply were cut-off would last more than a few days before becoming desperate?

We have become dependent on outside suppliers, and dependency equals slavery.

As Distributists we should make it clear that a self-sufficient population (with means of producing the basics - food and water at the very least) is a free population.

The BBC did a report on the foodstuffs shipped across the world (shrimps and fruit) the other day and how - in this age of "Global Warming" and "Carbon Footprints" - it was bad that so much time and effort should be spent thus.

Quite so!

All these greens and suchlike are merely nibbling at the edges of Distributism, albeit for possibly erroneous reasons, but they are also missing the bigger picture.

A family that produces its own food and drink makes no "Carbon Footprint" - but more so it is independent, it is free.

Communities that barter, that have sources of meat, fuel and more within their locality do not rely on motorways. Furthermore, communities that barter and who use locally issued money or "tax vouchers" are free of usury and the artificial peaks and troughs of the banksters and international cabal of usurers.

It's a daydream? Yes it is - but no more of a daydream than stopping immigration, stopping the mass-murder of abortion, stopping the endemic of street crime or stopping the unparalleled promotion of homosexuality and the state-sanctioned attacks on the family.

We don't have to live as families of centuries ago, we can still enjoy the advances of the modern age where beneficial and practical, so this is no "step backwards" as many Capitalists would have you believe... besides how can a family and community free, independent, self-sufficient, usury-free and not under threat of repossession, the dole, inflation, empty shop shelves etc possibly be regarded by any - except those who wish to control and profiteer from our families and communities - as "backwards."

If freedom is "backwards" then Capitalism, slavery and state-control is positively prehistoric.

Yes, we live in the 21st Century - we're not Luddites - but we need to be aware of what freedom is (it's not putting a cross on a piece of paper every four years - and it's sure as Hell not the sloganeering of oligarchic politicians, Socialist or Neo-Con, Liberal or "Right Wing"!) and how to achieve it.

Just today there are people sat in hotels around Heathrow because their 'Christmas flights' were fog-bound. Some people like to think that the modern world is all-powerful and omnipotent.

Perhaps the occasional wake-up call to remind us just how fragile this whole set-up is, is no bad thing.

Right: Love Freedom? Stick a Distributist supporting GK Chesterton 'bauble' on next year's Christmas tree!

When the next Wall Street Crash happens how many more lives will be ruined?

It is up to Nationalists to show our people how we can be free of Capitalist slavery and Socialist bureaucracy.

Buy the Chesterton ornament for next Christmas...


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