Tuesday, 18 December 2007

PC Faggots Run the BBC

So Radio 1 says it has blanked the word "faggot" out of the song Fairytale of New York - back in the Top 10 after many years - because it is gratuitous and offensive.

This is the same Radio 1 which plays rap music, homosexual apologetics and more? This is the same Radio 1 that plays all manner of offensive music in the guise of "inclusivity."

What a joke!

If the radio station can ever stop its DJs effing and blinding we might believe it.

If it became a paragon of virtue and family entertainment their argument might be more convincing.

The fact is that this is yet another sop to the Pink Mafia and homosexual "rights" - with our language controlled and edited by those who would see 'faggot = paki = nigger' in the pantheon of words likely to see the user arrested.

It's pathetic!

95% of voters on the BBC poll (see link below) oppose the ban. Seems the Communists and Faggots still only make up 5% of the population...

Radio 1 Edits Song


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