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BNP activists against NKVD Tactics

Several Resignations. More Lost Councillors? To protect who and why?

A long post today - but the information contained therein may make it worth your perusal.

Posts follow from the official BNP site, from those resigning, and a lefty source. Pick the meat from the bones!

Further to our post last weekend, it seems the Leeds region BNP councillors have met tonight to vote on whether to resign the BNP whip and become independent nationalists.

This would be an important and interesting development because it might allow nationalists to begin taking the correct line on a number of issues.

If NG and the BNP leadership say they cannot work with "independents" then the answer must surely be - what about the close liason with Patrick Harrington et al, over the heads of Clive Potter and the BNP officials at the original Solidarity Union?

Interesting times...

Illegal bugging and publishing of private material?

From the BNP website at See also

Important Announcement: Party Expulsions

This morning, Kenny Smith, Head of Administration and Sadie Graham, Group Development Officer, were expelled from the BNP for, amongst other things, creating and setting up a treasonous blogspot designed to attack and smear fellow party officials.

Below is a transcript of conversation between Sadie Graham, Matt Single and Kenny Smith discussing how they set up the “Enough is Enough” blogspot. Note the references to them using material from the Communist Searchlight organisation and other extreme left wing web sites and sources in their plans to destabilise the party.

The sound file (7 MB) can be found here.

SADIE: Um… that wasn’t that public knowledge was it?

KENNY: Inaudible

SADIE: Ok I’ll have to have a think, um I’ve got stuff in e-mails but we can’t use any of them because it’s all um just e-mails to me and to do with stuff he’s said about people and that we can’t use any of that for this

KENNY: Not really, not unless it’s public domain. Do you think we should go into … inaudible

SADIE: One thing you’ve written is, Mark Collett is, or who ever has written this, Mark Collett makes an arse of himself, um, it sounds like, um not being funny, it sounds like something you would say.

KENNY: I would say?

SADIE: Makes an arse, not, no?

KENNY: Does it? No, I actually used that phrase because it’s phrase I don’t use.

SADIE: Ok, really

KENNY, SADIE: Laughter

SADIE: Shit, I read that and thought INAUDIBLE

KENNY: Inaudible

SADIE: Yeah that is weird

MATT: Inaudible… widely hated by everyone

SADIE: Yeah, um, yeah but then it has got to look like it potentially could be reds.

MATT: It has to look like they’re widely hated

SADIE: You can refer to Ian’s letter in it as that is public knowledge. You can refer to Ian’s letter talking about things Ian mentions in his letter. Like about him being taking money and all that with leaflets. Because well, that is potentially, is potentially libellous.

KENNY: We could reproduce copies of that leaflet thing that went out.

SADIE: Yeah you could say as quoted by Searchlight or something like that, as put in Searchlight, just a replication of what went in Searchlight. Basically, we need back copies of Searchlight, because whatever has been in Searchlight about Mark we could use but lots of our people haven’t even read Searchlight, so how the f**k can we get loads of back copies of Searchlight, that’s what I mean.

KENNY: Ask Laughs

SADIE: It’s true, yeah

KENNY: I asked for the back copy that reproduced the list of BNP branches and groups, do you remember from December last year?

Right, do you guys want access to this site to put stuff up yourselves?

MATT: Yeah Ideally

SADIE: Yeah but we have to be sensible about who has it and who puts what up.

MATT: But Kas….

KENNY: It’s only gonna be us, Ian really isn’t it?

MATT: Kas, at one point you said about linking things to red sites, the only thing is if that happens then they can easily say it’s a red conspiracy or another red attack.

KENNY: Right ok, to clarify that, I’ve used media from left wing sites.

MATT: Oh right



KENNY: I had to use that because YouTube has only got 5 of the 6 clips, I had to link to Lancaster UAF to get the full clip of er… Young Nazi and Proud.


KENNY: Inaudible… we’ll have to take stories from left sites as well as other sites.

SADIE: OK, Basically we’ll all have to do a load of digging and loads and loads of searching and stuff. The only thing is we if we do any searching from our computers it’s traceable isn’t it? But then who the f**k is, nobody is going to take our computers and check our searches are they?

KENNY: No. Ok. Have you guys got Google? Can you guys Google names?

SADIE: Google names? I’ve got a Google, I’ve got, when I go on Internet Explorer I’ve got a Google bar to search with.

KENNY: If you go to Google,

SADIE: I’m in it now, yeah

KENNY: Go to the thing at the top that says sign in, can you see that?

SADIE: Yeah!

KENNY: Click sign in

SADIE: Done it!

KENNY: Create a new a account, a new Google account…inaudible… new account


KENNY: A name that’s not your own…inaudible…Mark Collett’s fan club or something. Laughs.

SADIE: Yeah, I mean yeah what, anything.

KENNY: Create an account what I’d do then, is I’ll go onto this site and I’ll (inaudible) I’ll be able to add you guys to people who are able to post on this site.

SADIE: You have to set up a current e-mail address basically; it says your e-mail address.

KENNY: Have you got, have you got, this again INAUDIBLE this is the thing I worried to Steve about, and he says nobody can see these profiles. They are completely secure, unless you break the law and people go to Google. So use a Hotmail account or whatever you have.

SADIE: I haven’t got a Hotmail account, but you’ve got one Matt, haven’t you? Can we use that one?

KENNY: Hotmail’s not good actually, Hotmail’s definitely not good

SADIE: I’ve got an NTL World one, BUT it’s Sadie Graham.

KENNY: That’s fine

SADIE: So I’ll just use Sadie Graham at NTL World dot com

KENNY: I’ve used my Civil Liberty one LAUGHTER

SADIE: Really?


SADIE: Alright, so Sadie dot Graham at NTL World dot com, ok then I just choose a password

KENNY: Yeah, just think of something yourself

SADIE: Yeah I’m just going to have write something down so I remember it, I’ll make it totally different, one I’ve never used before

KENNY: What’s your e-mail address? Sadie Graham…

SADIE: Sadie dot Graham at NTL World dot com. Do I say remember me on this computer?

KENNY: Um… it’s up to yourself, but I wouldn’t personally if I were you

SADIE: Ok, enable web history


SADIE: No, ok. Location United Kingdom. Ok then I accept and create my account.

KENNY: Yep, ok then I’ve sent you an open invitation e-mail to Sadie dot Graham at NTL World dot com.


KENNY: You log onto that you should be able to then post INAUDIBLE ...

SADIE: You know it says put my user name in, what is my user name

KENNY: Your user name is the one you see next to your INAUDIBLE

SADIE: Did I have one? I didn’t have one! I just put in an e-mail address

KENNY: Did you not create a user name?

SADIE: There wasn’t anything to create a user name. It says user name and in brackets it’s written e-mail. The user name must be my e-mail


SADIE: … And then underneath it says to log in user name and in brackets it says e-mail next to it. So it’s my Google e-mail but I don’t know what that is now.

KENNY: Let me just see… INAUDIBLE then silence and whispers

SADIE: You don’t have a user name! You just put in an e-mail and a password! How odd.

KENNY: Ok, right, put that in there see what happens, if it comes up we’ll change it

SADIE: Ok, hold on.

KENNY: Ah, I’ll tell you why, I’ll tell you why, ‘cause you need to create…

SADIE: See I’m in Google now, I’m in Google and it’s come up at the top right hand corner Sadie dot Graham at NTL World dot com that’s my log in name.

KENNY: Yeah that’s the same as I’ve got for mine but nobody can see that I’ve got treasurer at Civil Liberty dot org dot UK. But what we need to do is get a blog name for you.

SADIE: Right.

KENNY: So, in that case…

SADIE: Go to my account… er… edit personal information, oh it’s where you type in, you give yourself a nickname, No…. my user name is Sadie dot Graham at NTL World dot com, that’s what, that’s what it’s come up as, that’s my user name

KENNY: Yep, no no, that’s fine that’s fine, er I’ll just INAUDIBLE See in the Google account


KENNY: Open my account


KENNY: What do you see on the right hand side in my services

SADIE: Um it says er my services then goes to edit and then underneath try something new, then Google mail, adverts, alerts , groups, web history, igoogle and INAUDIBLE and then personal information and then edit.

KENNY: I’ve got blogger

SADIE: Well I don’t have that in my Google account

KENNY: you go to www dot blogger dot com


KENNY: Ok, my account, create blog

SADIE: Sign into blog with Google account, e-mail, password. Then do you have a Google account, create an account now.

KENNY: Does it not got to our blog?

SADIE: It says sign into blogger with your Google account and then you put in your e-mail and your password.

KENNY: Ok try that

SADIE: So I put in Sadie Graham, ahhh yeah so now it’s come up with sign up for blogger. Once you complete this process you will be able to sign into blogger using your Google account, e-mail and password. Yeah e-mail address Sadie dot Graham blah blah blah and then it comes up with display name and a box that I have to fill in.

KENNY: Good good, give yourself one of them

SADIE: Um, what the f**k shall I be…


SADIE: what are you? Are you just anything?

KENNY: I’m enough is enough

SADIE: Oh right OK. Um… fed up or something like that.

KENNY: Fed up sounds fine.

SADIE: Fed up, all one word, I won’t put a gap in it, I’ll be fed up, I accept terms of service continue… Ok, you are not a member of any blogs, create one now, start posting, create your blog now.

KENNY: Is there add to blog?


KENNY: See that invite I gave you is there anywhere on that

SADIE: Um… lets have a look… yeah on that invite it says Enough is Enough has invited you to contribute to the blog join this blog and so accept this invitation by signing into your Google account below so I do that, shall I do that now?


SADIE: Sadie dot Graham at NTL World dot com, and then my password, ok accept invitation. Ok yeah, it’s now saying I can manage my blog which is enough is enough. Is this now available to view for loads of people.

KENNY: yes it is technically, but nobody can see it.

SADIE: right


SADIE: I’m in now

KENNY: for admin purposes?

SADIE: OK I’m properly in it now. I’m viewing the blog, I’m in it and it’s got my e-mail at the top right hand corner.

KENNY: Excellent, INAUDIBLE… Click on your fed up name and then go to view blog, see the blog there and right down on the bottom right contributors

SADIE: ooh hang on


SADIE: Contributors enough is enough and fed up

KENNY: See fed up, that’s all people can see that

SADIE: Fed up and enough is enough … yeah




Official BNP Announcement

Anti-BNP Subversion Stopped Dead.

“Coup Attempt Spectacularly Ill-timed”

While 2007 has seen a variety of political advances for the BNP, the party has to an extent been held back and troubled by a string of leaks and misinformation briefings to political opponents, and by internal rumour-mongering designed to damage morale and confidence in the workings of various party departments, and in the leadership generally. Had this continued the result, whether by accident or design, would have been to disrupt, perhaps fatally, our all-important drive to break through with victory in the London Assembly Elections next year.

Some months ago, a BNP Intelligence Department was set up, with one of its key initial targets being to track down the source of these problems and provide the evidence needed to expose those responsible and put an end to their subversion.

Working closely with several other BNP Departments and following discussions with the BNP’s independent auditor, our Intelligence team – headed by Lance Stewart, a long-standing British nationalist and a former high-ranking officer in the South African Police (Arthur Kemp) - have now completed the first stage of their investigations.

As a result, two junior level national officials, Administration Officer Kenny Smith and Group Development Officer Sadie Graham, have today been removed from their posts with immediate effect on the grounds of gross misconduct and now face disciplinary charges over alleged offences against the BNP Constitution and Code of Conduct.

Sub judice rules

In order to afford the accused a fair hearing at their forthcoming disciplinary tribunals, it is not proper to rehearse the details of the cases against them here at present. It can, however, be said that the prosecution will produce evidence of their heading a secretive bid to force out of positions, or even out of the Party, individuals who were not on ‘their side’ in a sordid factional power-grab, while attempting to cover up serious failings and inefficiencies by individuals on ‘their side’.

Most shockingly of all – especially when we are in the run-up to the most important electoral opportunities in the history of the BNP - evidence will be put before the tribunals of an alleged plot by Mr Smith and Miss Graham to pack the Advisory Council with their supporters and to change the Party constitution so as to take power away from the elected leader and the Voting Membership, and concentrate it in their own hands.

The prosecution also alleges that there is clear evidence of their direct involvement in setting up a disgraceful anti-BNP smear blog and, in the case of Mr. Smith, of serious breaches of accountancy procedures leaving up to £17,000 unaccounted for in the 2006 Central Audit, and of a wilful neglect of the Excalibur merchandising operation constituting attempted financial sabotage in order to create an artificial ‘crisis’ to which their proposals would be presented as the solution.

Stuck pigs

No doubt our political opponents - who have been passed large amounts of information intended to damage genuine people who have refused to go along with this spectacularly ill-timed and amateurish alleged coup attempt – will immediately swing into deceitful action and squeal like stuck pigs that this is all being made up as “an excuse to get rid of good nationalists who happen to have criticised Nick Griffin”.

In order to scupper such black propaganda, a meeting of our Intelligence, Legal and Security Departments, in consultation with Nick Griffin, has authorised the release of the following audio recording. The prosecution will tell the forthcoming disciplinary tribunals that – having been recorded as a result of an incredibly stupid mistake by Sadie Graham - it provides incontrovertible proof that she and Mr. Smith are guilty as charged. In the meantime, you can hear for yourself and make up your own mind as to if you agree that the BNP leadership are right to take swift action to safeguard the Party.

Posted by admin01 ( December 9, 2007 )


Dear Colleague

It is with great sadness that I am resigning from all positions within the BNP. Seeing two great Nationalists and friends like Kenny Smith and Sadie Graham treated with contempt by Nick Griffin, all because they are awake to the damage being done by Mark Collett and a completely incompetent Treasury Department, is the final straw.

While I am resigning all positions, I will continue to fight for the Cause, and to rid the BNP of internal corruption ­ Nick Griffin must go, it is not his Party; the Party belongs to activists and members.

Like to many people, Nick Griffin was once my hero, yet now he has shown himself to be a dictator who puts his own interests above those of the Party. He is incapable of making the right decisions when it matters, and unfortunately his unrelenting backing of Mark Collett has seen many good Nationalists either leave the BNP or become marginalised.

Sadie and Kenny, and any other honest and hard working Nationalists have my full, unequivocal support. There have been many people in the BNP, especially those in National positions, who have tried their level best to make Nick see sense on Collett and the incompetent Treasury Department. I was one of them. However, Nick has always backed the corner of Collett, Hannam and Walker, no matter what they have done. It begs the question just what on earth have they got on him? Whatever it is, Nick should not let that get in the way of the Nationalist Cause and should step down from the main position if it is that bad.

Nick Griffin and his henchmen may well have access to the Party media, and thus a greater audience, yet the truth will come out one day ­ and soon.

No doubt I will now be bad-mouthed by Griffin and his henchmen ­ after all Nick can¹t have good Nationalists who criticise him remain free from attack. Since stepping down and after my remarks about Collett, Hannam and Walker became public, I have been blackmailed by Nick Griffin and fed a cocktail of lies ­ all aimed to protect Mark Collett and Dave Hannam. Although I was in Blackpool I was not allowed entrance to the Conference because I refused to publicly apologise for my comments. Nick then suspended me by text message. People who have remained silent for fear of reprisals must now speak out. I stand by my comments 100%.

I call on all other right minded Nationalists to step down as Party Officials until both Sadie Graham and Kenny Smith are re-instated, and Mark Collett, David Hannam and John Walker are removed from any position of authority. All Councillors should remain as Councillors, though sit as Independent Nationalists until the BNP is back in the hands of the people who make it tick ­ those that are honest, decent, and hard-working.

Now this email has been sent out on my account, I imagine that this email address will be taken off me. Sadie¹s mobile phone has been cut off by the way, so anyone trying to call her or leaving messages will not get a reply. This is also the case for anyone else involved, such as the email addresses of Matt Single, Nicholla Smith and Kenny Smith.

I will gladly pass on any messages of support. Griffin¹s henchmen have stolen Sadie¹s personal computer and other belongings so she may well be struggling to access her emails also.

Please contact me in future on, or 07886 530499 ­ that is my own mobile number that Griffin and his henchmen can¹t take away.

Nick Griffin has compromised the future of the BNP by his actions. Mark Collett should have been dismissed years ago. The decisions that Nick is making defy belief.

All those people who are fed up of the lies and incompetence from Collett, Hannam and now Griffin must make a stand. Today is that day.

Yours Sincerely

Ian Dawson

Ian Dawson
Yorkshire Secretary
PO Box 699
YO32 2WB
07886 530499

Subject: Fw: Resignation of Falkirk Organiser, EBNS manager and BN production manager

Dear Colleague,

I would just like to share with you my letter of resignation that I have today sent to the party chairman and party manager:


Dear Messrs Griffin and Brewer,

Please accept my formal resignation from the post of Falkirk Organiser and also from the EBNS and BN Production Manager jobs.

Mr Griffin saw fit to sack me from Excalibur without warning with a letter dated the 6th but only delivered by his goons yesterday (9th). The letter does not mention the jobs above so I will save him the bother of writing a new letter.

I will not be resigning from the BNP and will exercise my right of tribunal should Mr Griffin attempt to purge me.

The disgraceful sacking of Kenny Smith, Sadie Graham, Matt Single and myself is further evidence that Mr Griffin has lost control of reality and his defence of incompetent liars like Mark Collett, John Walker and David Hannam at the expense of good honest BNP people.

For as long as the three scumbags remain in the BNP I will refuse to hold office and encourage others to resign their posts too. It was heartening to have received the unanimous support from the other BNP Scotland officials at our Regional Council Meeting on Sunday and since then to have received much support from around the United Kingdom.

I remain a British National Party loyalist but will no longer stand by and essentially endorse Mr Griffin¹s leadership flaws and management failures.

Yours sincerely

Nicholla Smith
EBNS Manager
BN Production Manager
Falkirk Organiser

Subject: Fw: Kenny Smith resigns from other posts


Dear Messrs Griffin and Brewer,

Please accept my formal resignation from the posts of Scottish Regional Organiser, Regional Elections Officer and Regional Nominating Officer and also as Falkirk Secretary.

Having been sacked as Head of Administration, British Nationalist Editor, British National Lottery Chairman and strangely from the post of Scottish Regional Fund-holder without warning with a letter dated the 6th but only delivered by a team of BNP Security yesterday (9th). The letter does not mention the jobs above so I will save him the bother of writing a new letter.

I will not be resigning from the BNP and will exercise my right of tribunal should Mr Griffin attempt to purge me.

The disgraceful sacking of Nicholla Smith, Sadie Graham, Matt Single, Danny Lake combined with Mr Griffin¹s continuous defence of the incompetent liars like Mark Collett, John Walker and David Hannam at the expense people he knows are honest true and hardworking nationalists.

Mr Griffin has now admitted on several occasions that these three are incompetent, liars or both and he has also said that the work Sadie and I have done has been almost flawless, our departments are effective and efficient. Furthermore that we have never embarrassed the party nor caused problems for the party or its personnel with in our time as national or regional officials.

Despite this Mr Griffin has given ultimatums to both Sadie and I that we must stop presenting legitimate complaints about the errors and problems caused by the three troublemakers or face the sack.

David Hannam and Mark Collett received final warnings for their conduct at a disciplinary tribunal on the 8th of December 2006. They plead guilty and received their sentence which bound them over to refrain from breaking the party code of conduct for a full 2 years. They failed and last week Nick Griffin gave the Central Management Team permission to give them both a verbal warning which meant expulsion was the only answer, but as usual Mr Griffin bent the rules to protect these two individuals and then turned his wrath on myself and Sadie.

As long as the three scumbags remain in the BNP I will refuse to hold office and encourage others to resign their posts too. Like my wife Nicholla was heartened to have received the unanimous support from the other BNP Scotland officials at our Regional Council Meeting on Sunday and since then to have received much support from around the United Kingdom.

I remain a British National Party loyalist but will no longer stand by and essentially endorse Mr Griffin¹s leadership flaws and management failures.

Yours sincerely

Kenny Smith
Former Head of Administration

CC to Kenny Smith and Sadie Graham

Subject: Fw: Resignation S.E Regional Organiser

Dear All,

It is with the greatest regret that I announce my resignation as South East Regional Organiser.

I have attached my resignation letter as a matter of courtesy.

I sincerely believe that we have reached a watershed in this Party and, in my opinion we either take control and run it in an ethical manner as one expects of a true Briton or we start again without all the baggage.

All across this great land we in positions of Organisers have been receiving e-mails and phone calls of support for the three brave people who have put their country above their personal gain.

We should all support them and I call upon every one of you true britons to resign your post and remain an ordinary member. Do not pay you subscription and await further developments.

Things are happening fast and we will come out of this stronger than ever.

Please circulate to all your friends and colleagues.

For unbiased reports please log on to blog enough is enough or for for further , but obviously biased news, Lancaster UAF (You can find links to EiE on this)

Yours, for our Party and Country,

Roger Robertson

Subject: Resignation

Dear Nick,

It with the utmost sadness and regret that I tender my resignation as the South East Region Organiser.

Sadness, from the fact that I really like you as a person and enjoy your company. Indeed, as recently as Saturday evening when we dined together and yesterday at the Three Counties Christmas Party, when you were on top form, we were having fun and cementing the family image of the Party.

Sure, there was a little whisper in the background concerning the expulsion of Sadie and Kenny, both good friends, which you had told me about earlier in the day. However, this did not detract from the pleasure of the evening and I posted a photo of you telling the Christmas Story to the children, together with a brief resumé of the evening. Lynne, Andy and myself were discussing how far we had moved the Party forward in the South East during the year and were looking forward to even greater things in 2008.

Nick, you really cannot believe how sad I am to be giving up on what we have achieved and the potential for growth which we have nurtured within the Region but your actions and the means of achieving them has left me in a totally untenable situation.

My regret comes from the fact that you have been made fully aware, over a considerable period of time, of the shortcomings of Collett, Walker and Hannam and the disastrous consequences this is having on morale. Indeed, as you are perfectly well aware, I have had to placate several Organisers and their Fund Holders for no reason other than the sheer ineptitude of David Hannam.

Furthermore, I had to disabuse you of your belief, garnered from Hannam, that one of our Organisers had trousered several hundred pounds when, in fact, I knew he was subsidising the Group to the tune of £40.00 per month.

Moving on, I was astounded by your intractable and aggressive attitude in Blackpool when myself, together with Sadie, Kenny and Steve met with you immediately after the close of business on the Saturday. I was also shocked and dismayed by your negative assertions about Chris Beverley and Excalibur as I have always considered both he and his wife exemplary and hardworking Party Officials. As Arthur Kemp, who was also in attendance will attest to, we all pledged our loyalty to yourself over and over again as we tried to make you see sense in respect of the damage being inflicted on the Party by the three aforementioned people. You absolutely failed to give an inch and, for my part, the last straw was when your wife loudly interjected for no reason other than you would miss your booking in a restaurant! I kept my own counsel but could not stop thinking of, "a horse, my kingdom for a horse"!

Quite naturally everyone was dejected at the outcome, the others much more so than myself, because they had worked full time for the Party for many years whereas I still had my business to run. Believe me, Nick, they were all still loyal to you but at their wits end what to do next.

If we now fast forward to this weekend it is obvious what their solution was. This was the only avenue left open to them.

This now brings me to the crux of why I have resigned. For some months I had been having doubts about the constant message of
dissemination of power to voting members which appeared to be at variance with the actuality. Furthermore, I was detecting a sense of paranoia, with the attitude of, "if you are not with me then you must be my enemy", scenario.

I had the unedifying experience of needing to recommend the expulsion of an out and out racist who had been given dispensation by yourself to join and recently I also had to seek the expulsion of a woman who assaulted my Regional Organiser and yet, initially, I did not have your full backing.

I am therefore fully cognisant of the frustration and sheer helplessness of Sadie, Kenny and Steve, the vitriol directed at Ian Dawson when he resigned and now, the disgraceful and, in my opinion, illegally obtained and posted transcript of a conversation between Sadie and Kenny. This allied with the entering of Matt and Sadie's home by Martin and others on your orders and the theft of their personal property and you Procrustean attitude not only makes me unwilling to continue as a Regional Organiser but, in my opinion, renders yourself unfit to lead this Party.

In my view, Nick, you have shown a complete and utter contempt for the Membership of this Party, you have betrayed the ideals of people such as Sadie, Kenny and Steve and you have brought this upon yourself entirely by your paranoia and your ineluctable support of three people who should have been dismissed from the Party months if not years ago.

I therefore call upon you to do the honourable thing and resign as Party Leader forthwith.


Roger Robertson,
Former South East Regional Organiser
Subject: Fw: Statement Re: 'Raid' on Sadie Graham's Home

Tuesday, 11 December 2007
Statement from Cllr Nina Brown

I wish to clarify the situation that led to the ³raid² on Sadies home and the removal of her personal computer and various other items.

For a couple of years I have been a keyholder to Sadie¹s house, originally to feed her cat whilst she was away on holiday, but more recently for local organisers to pick up their monthly orders of the Voice of Freedom, Identity, campaign leaflets etc during Sadies absence. On Saturday morning I spotted the Party van, which I recognised from the monthly literature run, parked outside Sadie¹s home, with Martin Reynolds in the drivers seat, his wife Lindsey and several other security guys hanging around the front of Sadies home. I found that slightly odd as I knew that Sadie and Matt were away for the weekend. By the time I had turned the car around and pulled up to the house, four guys were walking down the passage that led from the back of the house to the front. I walked up to the van and spoke to Lindsey through the open window, I asked her if she knew that Sadie and Matt were away, inititally thinking that they had arrived for a security meeting and there had been a mix up with dates. I asked why they were there, but they wouldn¹t tell me, which in itself is not so unusual as Security has always been just that, Secure and is never questioned, for obvious reasons. Just for the record, but goes without saying, if I knew what was going on, I would never in a million years have let them in.

The reason I did not question further what they were doing there is, because I knew the guys pretty well from several occasions, including the recent Blackpool Conference and had become to regard them as good friends, as they were with Sadie and Matt. These were the Security Team which we had come to like and trust with our well being at high profile meetings, such as the recent local meeting in Kimberley, why would I have reason to question their actions? I did say to Lindsey, ³Do you want me to call Sadie or will Martin phone them², at this point Martin was already on his mobile phone, which I assumed was to either Sadie or Matt, Lindsey then got out of the van, obviously now to make sure I would be out of earshot of Martin¹s conversation with, who I now believe to be Nick Griffin.

After 20 minutes or so on the phone, which Lindsey and I laughed about as she said ³Martin will have to have that phone surgically removed from his ear these days². Martin got out of the van and walked up to me, I asked him if everything was sorted with them (meaning with Sadie and Matt), and I said to him ³So am I ok to let you in?². He nodded, it was at this point I opened the door and went inside, I picked up our bundle of newspapers, Voice of Freedom which had been left for me just inside the door, they all followed me inside. I then went straight back outside to carry on the conversation with Lindsey, by this time all the guys were inside, I did not see what they were doing as I was standing outside and away from the door. I did see the large printer being put into the van, but I still thought nothing of it as printers, photocopiers etc were sometimes moved around the regions when new ones were acquired. Also I knew that several senior members of the Party had recently received new mobiles and laptops, as Sadie was a high profile member, I guessed she was simply receiving brand new equipment at some point.

Why on earth would I not trust our Security Team, the lefties had always been the enemy, never our own people!

On finding out the full truth later in the day, to me it had now become personal, this left me with no other option but to hand in my resignation from my positions as Parish Councillor and Local Organiser. For over two years I have put my heart and soul into the Party and like others am deeply saddened at recent events. Sadie and Matt have worked tirelessly for the Party, I consider them fantastic people, they have worked above and beyond the cause with the nation and members interests first and foremost. I could not have fulfilled my prior rold of EM Regional Secretary and Broxtowe Organiser and later becoming a Election Candidate in Kimberley without her full backing and support. I consider Sadie and Matt true friends, I like many others, cannot understand how the Party can function without them.

Cllr Nina Brown
Ex Broxtowe Organiser

BNP in meltdown as Graham & Smith expulsions infuriate membership
10th December

* Sadie Graham (Group Development) sacked
* Kenny Smith (Head of Admin) sacked
* Ian Dawson (Yorkshire) resigns
* Danny Lake (YBNP leader) sacked
* Nicholla Smith (Excalibur) sacked
* Councillors, fundholders and organisers quitting

Reports are pouring in from all over the place following the expulsions <> of Sadie Graham and Kenny Smith yesterday. We now have confirmation that Danny Lake, the idiotic leader of the YBNP has been kicked out for supporting Graham and Smith, and many organisers and fundholders are resigning in disgust at the way they¹ve been treated. Others are speaking out in support of the sacked duo including, curiously, the Griffin-loyalist Chris Hill, Lancaster¹s very own lonely BNP member, who usually concentrates far more on what we have to say than having any opinions himself.

Rather more importantly, news is coming in that a handful of BNP councillors have resigned or are planning to resign the whip and more are expected to follow suit.

Between the Stormfront nazi forum and a number of blogs, including the Enough is Enough blog that got Graham and Smith into so much trouble, we¹ve been able to cobble together something that looks like the correct sequence of events. We¹re open to correction though, so if anyone has any further information that they would like to share, please let us know either by using the comment facility or by emailing us on or

Officers of the BNP were recently issued with laptops so that they could conduct their business wherever they happened to be (alright for some, isn¹t it). One of the facilities the officers have been encouraged to use is Skype, which enables those with an internet connection to converse with each other over broadband for free, either one to one or via a conference call - thus avoiding the usual telephone system and any possibility of individual phones being bugged. What the BNP didn¹t tell its officers was that Skype comes with a Œrecord all calls¹ option, and this seems to have been switched on.

The Enough is Enough blog started on December 2nd, a mere week before the instigators were caught and fired, though one would assume the planning for the anti-Collett/Hannam blog to have dated from the pathetic exhibitions <> of Mark Collett and Dave Hannam at the BNP conference at Blackpool on November 17th.

The story goes that Martin Reynolds (the BNP¹s chief security goon) and four others gained access to Graham¹s home by deception (neither Graham nor her partner, Matt Single, being at home at the time), then ransacked the place searching for thumb drives and disks, finally leaving with her laptop and a number of other items. At the same time, it has been said, Clive Jefferson and two males attempted to gain entry to Smith¹s home but were refused entry.

There are a number of disturbing features about these raids, not the least of which is that they actually happened at all. What precisely does Nick Griffin believe he¹s running here - the Stasi or the NKVD? The whole thing smacks of fascism at its worst and most frightening. But just as worrying is the suspicion that Griffin had information that led directly to these two as the prime suspects. Okay, it¹s true that somebody may have talked and if so, that somebody may well have been Matt Single - at least as far as the far-right blogs are concerned, though rumours are starting to emerge that he¹s been booted too. But there is a simpler and more sinister explanation available - that the party is monitoring the communications of its officers.

It has long been suspected that those members who have foolishly taken on a email address (that is, one issued by the party) are having their emails monitored. This was borne out in Griffin¹s insane Identity article <> three months ago, in which he more or less admitted that an Œinternal intelligence review¹ mostly amounted to illegally checking through a member¹s BNP email account for signs that he was an informer or Œagent¹. Mad or what?

The report that appears on the BNP website mentions the ŒBNP Intelligence Department¹ that was set up a few months back and that is headed up by Lance Stewart, a long-standing British nationalist and a former high-ranking officer in the South African Police - though he is suspected of being rather more than a simple plod in the past, as are Arthur Kemp and Lambertus Nieuwhof, also South African and also former spooks and colleagues in the Intelligence Department.

This trio of dodgy characters, with the able assistance of the BNP¹s security mob, appear to have carte blanche when it comes to intelligence-gathering and our suspicion is that each of the laptops provided by the party to its officers is infected with a trojan. For those who don¹t know, a trojan is a piece of software that feeds information back to its source after being planted on a computer - credit card details, identities and so on. Most trojans are simple key-loggers, meaning all they do is record everything that is typed on the keyboard of the infected computer and pass along the information to a third-party. If the trojan¹s activity had been allowed through the laptop¹s firewall before handing it over, chances are that the new owner of the computer would know nothing about it - particularly if, like most people, they have no idea of how vulnerable computers are.

If this is indeed the case, it would go a long way to explaining how the party was able to co-ordinate the raids and how they knew what to look for when they gained entry. No great surprise then, that the BNP was able to provide transcripts of the incriminating phone calls on the party¹s website.

We discount entirely, the claim that Smith may have been responsible for ¹serious breaches of accountancy procedures leaving up to £17,000 unaccounted for in the 2006 Central Audit, and of a wilful neglect of the Excalibur merchandising operation constituting attempted financial sabotage in order to create an artificial Œcrisis¹ to which their proposals would be presented as the solution¹. This smacks to us of Griffin a) bumping up the evidence against Smith, and b) using this situation to attempt to hide the fact that the party is in financial meltdown. We¹re not the only ones who don¹t believe the claim:

ŒThe financial accusation thrown at Smith is a usual Griffin ploy when something like this occurs. He used the same ploy against Warren Bennett (£5000) but later backtracked. He has used the same tactic in the past when involved in factionalism eg against the Solidarity guys and against Wingfield and Brons in the Flag NF daysŠIf the £17000 accusation was true Smith should have been suspended for that, much more serious than having a dig at Collett I would have thought.¹

Us too.

The repercussions of all this have been fierce and relentless. Danny Lake was sacked via text message by John Walker. When asked under whose authority Walker had sacked him, the response was apparently; ŒMe. You stupid cunt. Fuck off into oblivion¹. Lake¹s mobile is now, not surpisingly, dead.

Claims are being made that Nick Cass is considering resigning, several members have written in to various forums to state that they¹ve had enough and are not renewing their membership, party organisers and fundholders are resigning en masse (Falkirk and Aberdeen are two examples), at least one councillor, Nina Brown, is resigning the whip and it has been suggested that Chris Beverley has either resigned or been expelled along with Steve Blake.

The chaos continuesŠ


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