Sunday, 23 December 2007

The Wages of Death: Immigration!

Using official government statistics (Department of Health, ISD Scotland, Hansard, Office for National Statistics), these are the facts:

Left: 6.7 million of these moments have been written off. Since 1967 6.7 million of our compatriots have been murdered, over 98% for "social reasons."

Since the Abortion Act of 1967 there have been 6.7 million abortions.

Of the 5.3 million abortions carried out in England & Wales:

  • 0.4% were because of risk to the mothers life.
  • 1.3% were because of foetal handicap (including cleft palate and other non-threatening conditions).
  • Over 98% were recorded because of "social reasons."

It should be obvious to all that babies are being killed for no-good reason(s).

Are we saying that people are "too poor" to have children?

Of course many children are killed by the well-off to secure their "careers" (the same people later might struggle to conceive thus making the NHS pay-out more on IVF treatment).

For those who are too poor - are we saying it is justifiable to kill even one child (let alone millions!) because of poverty - perceived, actual or otherwise.

It always annoys me when "socialists" rant on about the right to murder. Do working class kids not have the right to live? Shouldn't a caring (socialist or otherwise) party or government seek to help poor kids survive rather than sanction their mass-murder?

Right: "Samuel Alexander Armas, a tiny baby boy who, at 21 weeks' gestation, underwent spinal surgery while he was still in his mother's womb.' A photographer named Michael Clancy was on hand for the procedure and captured a powerful and heart-wrenching image of Samuel's hand extending from the womb and grasping the finger of the surgeon. This dramatic photograph should have been seen by people around the world, because it illustrates the marvelous humanness of a preborn child. Unfortunately, most of the major news outlets refused to share it with the public. Given their pro-abortion bias, it isn't difficult to figure out why." Dr. James Dobson

Last week I listened to "Any Questions" on Radio 4. It was held in Aston, Birmingham and a good number of the audience and panel were non-Europeans (to put it politely).

One of the panelists went on about how we "need immigration" for workers to pay taxes, to pay for the increasing number of pensions.

What hogwash.

Rid this country of its insistence on a culture of death, alongside which get our working class people filling the posts needed to be filled (from plumbers to cleaners, skilled to unskilled) - hey remember "education, education, education?" - and we'll have enough youngsters to do the work needed and pay the taxes needed: and we won't need to rob the rest of the world of its skilled and unskilled labour.

The idea that we can kill millions of our people whilst letting in millions of aliens is a joke!

The socialists and their fellow-travellers want to see more kids killed whilst the floodgates are left open...

They've created one problem and want to "solve" it by worsening another problem.

Now there's "short-termism" for you!

Nationalists have to be crystal clear that we are currently murdering hundreds of thousands of plumbers, scientists, policemen, road-sweepers, taxi drivers, cleaners, accountants, entrepreneurs, architects, writers, artists etc. etc. each and every year: people who would be born here, raised here, whose first loyalty would be to the country of their birth...

Need I say more?

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