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Annapolis: A Zionist Dinner Party

Life imitates art, so they say.

Certainly when a crowd hounds out a doctor for being a "paediatrician" just after a similar cartoon appeared in Private Eye then you know that just about anything is possible!

Right: President Abbas receives the "Zionist toady of 2007 Award" from his natural constituents.

When Tony Blair appeared as the "Middle East Peace Envoy" many people saw this in a similar light. Those who weren't crying with laughter didn't know whether to weep or scream.

Imagine the Jews accepting Julius Streicher as a Peace Envoy.

Extreme? Over the top? Maybe - but how many Jews did Streicher order killed? How many Arabs now lie dead as a result of Blair's illegal war(s) and cowardice in the face of the Israeli invasion of Lebanon?

Whatever next? Jeremy Clarkson in charge of implementing the Kyoto Treaty?

And so life rolls on. Blessed are the peacemakers? Indeed... but riches in this life belong to the warmongers and those who acquiesce in their slaughter.

Just this week we have had another Comedic Pantomime (though some might prefer to paint it as a Greek Tragedy).

Left: "...and here Mr. Abbas is the design we have for the new flag of the Palestinian Authority" says Oily Olmert.

No, not Christopher Biggins as "Queen of the Jungle" on the insipid ITV show that makes its millions by getting the brain dead and 'city idiots' (like the medieval village idiot - but far more worrying because they are much more ignorant, and cluster in their hundreds - if not thousands - in many cities, and they have the vote!) to phone-in and vote for some Z-List "celebrity".

No. This pantomime was played out in Annapolis by three Zionist leaders, deciding on the future of Palestine.

Right: A picture says a thousand words. And when this magazine (liberal/lefty though it be) was dragged through the gutter because of this image, it merely confirmed that there is a Zionist hegemony which ensures "Anti-Semitic" is the screech to end all rational debate of the facts.

Imagine the talks taking place in America!!! The biggest backer of Israel and the superpower that covers-up Israeli illegality, war crimes, nukes, industrial espionage and so much more.

It makes Blair's appointment look positively neutral and serious!

And the one with the biggest clown's nose (to mix my metaphors) stood to the front and used the usual buzz words, chief among which is always "democracy" closely followed by "freedom" (as in "do you want some Freedom Fries with your Super Size Big Mac Meal before or after your triple by-pass?")

So, these Three Zionist Stooges believe in freedom and democracy do they? For the Israelis and the Palestinians? Hmmm.

Left: A movie-poster of typical Hollywood B.S. where the multi-racial Americans are the clean-cut heroes defending freedom. The B.S.-detector registers fatal levels, just as with the Annapolis Zionist conference.

Of course the Israelis have freedom. They have the freedom to brutalise, expel, torture and mutilate Arabs. They have the freedom to get billions in US Tax Dollars. They have the freedom to start illegal wars and strafe and bomb any Arab state they want with impunity. They have the freedom to spy on, steal from and double deal on America and any other country. Most of all, they have the freedom to own illegal nukes, gained mostly via espionage against their ally America!

So what of the Palestinians?

Aside from the freedom to be expelled, killed, encircled, cut-off, tortured, imprisoned, ethnically cleansed and so on - it's hard to see what "freedom" these people have.

Democracy is the buzz-word of the 21st century. The funny thing is that democracy (as I have stated before) doesn't actually mean what its proponents say it does.

I think it was Leon Degrelle who said that democracy actually means the rule of the Freemasons and the "freedom" to choose between Masonic parties via a system ruled over by a Masonic media.

Little has changed. That is certainly the case in this country.

So it was when the Palestinians voted in Hamas, it didn't fit in with Bush and Blair's version of "democracy" and they refused to recognise the legitimate democratic choice of the Palestinians.

Everyone, at this stage, should have seen through the farce of "democracy."

Right: Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, voted in by the Palestinian people, cold-shouldered by Israel and America.

The Palestinians could choose any government they wanted to, so long as it recognised the illegal, murderous, bandit-state of Israel; a State foisted on the world via State-sponsored terrorism and ethnic cleansing. A State recognised by America in a midnight declaration sneaked through without any kind of Congressional vote (akin to the law passed to implement the Federal Reserve - in 1913 if memory serves me right).

And so the Hamas government, the legitimate choice of the Palestinians, was just simply ignored by the Zionist powers: Israel, Britain and the USA.

The Fatah Party, corrupt and taking Israel's shilling, was pushed back into power behind the President and Zionist puppet Abbas. This all resulted in a Civil War between Hamas and Fatah (with the Zionists gun-running to Fatah and releasing Fatah gunmen from prison to put more of them on the streets against Hamas) as the Israelis rubbed their hands in glee.

Thus we see Abbas join Bush and Olmert in America in what most Palestinians must view as the ultimate in farce.

Three men who rejected the Palestinians' choice of government meeting up in the biggest funder of Israel (militarily as well as financially - dare I mention "State sponsored terrorism?").

Right: Condeeleeeeza gets some flak. But who is the real puppet master?

Anyone who thinks peace can evolve from such a blatantly one-sided affair is a fool.

You may as well get the National Farmers Union, the Confederation of Master Butchers and the Carnivore League meeting up in a branch of McDonalds to discuss the future of Vegetarianism.

In the meantime this fake, obscene parody of an olive branch will be waved in the view of the world media by the Zionists to justify asserting pressure on Hamas and others who oppose Zionism; and be used to justify previous Israeli land-grabs and much else besides.

As Charley Reese says on

"The Annapolis meeting was just another charade like the one Bill Clinton staged. Eventually the Israelis will make an offer no Palestinian could possibly accept, and then the Israelis and the Americans will say, "We offered them a good deal and they rejected it." Note, too, that the only thing to come out of the Annapolis meeting was an agreement to reach an agreement by the end of 2008. This is the 40th year of Israeli occupation of East Jerusalem and the West Bank. They don't need a year if they are serious, which they are not."

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