Thursday, 6 December 2007

Elections are Fixed - in America!

So the Americans and some CIA-backed quango are busy telling the Russians that their election was flawed because Kremlin money was, allegedly, used to promote Putin.


If Westminster money were used to promote Brown - would he get more than 60% of the popular vote?

And to what degree do the Western media promote "their men" with any real alternatives dismissed as "extremists?" If we talk about America, which media outlet even dared to oppose the War in Iraq, let alone denounce America's propping-up of Israel?

Besides which I do not think the nation that brought us the hanging chad and the pregnant chad has anything to preach to Russia or the rest of us.

In that election two Skull & Bones members (aka Bonesmen), mega-rich oligarchs stood head to head.

No uproar from the world? Where was the non-Masonic alternative? Where were the electoral monitors?

We shouldn't cry over spilt milk though. Let's look forward to the next American election, when two Masonic oligarchs will again go head to head and the people are fed their political diet via the big media outlets controlled by Zionist-Masons.

Government for the people by the people? What a load of cruddola!!!


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