Thursday, 20 December 2007

We are Threatened by a Rogue State!

I came across a great headline the other week in the Daily Mail from Melanie "Mad Mel" Phillips (see past blog entries).

Left: Mad Mel. regularly praised by modernisers in the BNP and its leadership. In the real world she's as popular as a pork pie in a synagogue.

Mad Mel is known for her skirting-board-chewing rants which make our own Ranting Ron look like a dyed-in-the-wool liberal.

In fact Mel is second in her gut-wrenchingly sickening fawning Zionist diatribes in favour of "civilisation" (sic) only to the liberal-lefty turncoat and Neo-Con apologist David Aaronovitch (remember him - 'twas he who was unilaterally informed that a certain party was like an oil tanker which took time to turn around... Yikes!). Both pop up with worrying regularity to defend events in Iraq and to spout forth on Iraq and related matters.

This headline was so good I tore it out of the paper and put it to one side.

Mad Mel is a keen Zionist and a key-player in Mossad-style scare tactics. You know the type: Iran should be attacked right now. Israel is our greatest ally. We must support our brave American allies. Islam is the only threat we face... etc. (Yes, Mad Mel is the ideological guardian angel of the modern BNP).

Well, we all remember how Iraq was really behind '911.' Then how Iraq had WMDs and was a centre of world terrorism. Yes... indeed. Aha.

And now we know this was all Zionist B.S. The CIA had previously warned that this was so and that invading Iraq would be a disaster on multiple levels. The Zionists didn't care.

Then we heard how Iran was the "big threat" and... was trying to get nukes... and is a centre of world terrorism. Yes... indeed. Hummm.

And now we know this is all Zionist B.S. The CIA knows now that the Zionist shrieks are nonsense and that an attack on Iran would backfire. But guess what? The Zionists don't care.

Right: We put with Donald "Rummy" Rumsfeld's nonsense before, during and after the invasion of Iraq. Now he has been shown to be an outright liar will he apologise for the lives ruined?

So, let's backtrack. Iraq was no threat. Iran is no threat. OK.

So is there any real "rogue state" that threatens us? Perhaps a state that was founded on terror and ethnic cleansing? Maybe a state that continually breaks international law and treaties? Possibly a state that has used industrial espionage on friend and foe alike to gain nuclear secrets? Could there be a state that already has illegal nuclear weapons and blocks any kind of independent monitoring?

Let's ask Mad Mel!

On the 3rd of December her column (nuttier than a bowl of Nutty Clusters with a sprinkling of Brazil nuts, garnished with peanut butter, dished up on a pecan platter) declared in a large bold headline:

"Labour's spineless response to a rogue state that threatens us all"

Man the lifeboats! Hide in the Anderson shelter! Start the four minute warning klaxon!

We are "under threat" from a "Rogue State" again. Oh woe is me! Is my will up to date? Is my estate in order? Have I unplugged the washing machine? Have I got clean undies on? Is my supply of a years worth of powdered egg secure?

But hang on.

Before I tape up the windows, buy in my canary-inna-cage and hide under a blanket draped table... Just who is this "Rogue State that threatens us all" Mad Mel?

It's The Sudan! :-O

Left: The next cause of international concern for Mad Mel and her Zionist chums. Juan Leg O'Toole, the Cuban-Irish terrorist and supplier of nukes to the Arabs. "He hides nuclear components in his unfeasibly, unnaturally large cigars" says Mad Mel, "he is a danger to us all! National emergency level 5 - code colour purple!"

Oh. Hmmm. Bugger! The Sudan eh?

Do you think the army surplus shop will take a year's supply of powdered egg back?


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