Saturday, 22 December 2007

Littlejohn's CIA World & Burkha Vs Micro Skirt

You may want to keep a bucket, bowl or similar receptacle nearby as you start reading this - for fear of projectile vomiting.

You see I'm sat here this morning in my (Celtic Cross festooned - of course!) dressing gown busily avoiding any trips into over-crowded town centres.

There. That's scared off the faint of heart, the kids and the elderly.

As I chomped through my toast, washed down with a big mug of tea (not as big a mug as a certain builder/plasterer in Normandy uses - but that's another story!) I picked up a copy of yesterday's Daily Mail.

Oh dear.

As the Italian captain on 'Allo 'Allo used to say:

"What a mistaka to maka!"

First of all there was the control-spin story of the "BNP Ballerina" getting engaged and thinking of standing for the party. No mention of the rebellion over corruption, cronyism, bugging and burglary... just a control piece. Who's doing who a favour?

It seems that Cllr Richard Barnbrook, the lucky fiance (sorry - no accent), doesn't mind that Simone Clarke (for it is she) has a half-caste kid because "she speaks good English."

That's OK then. Ding dong.

(No that's not the name of the kid - whose father is oriental, I meant it in a mustachioed Terry Thomas kind of way - see film history)

Elsewhere in the same issue was a diatribe from Mad Mel Phillip's mate Richard Littlejohn on the "Islamonazis" being released from Guantanamo.

Whilst Littlejohn is correct insofar as he says these people are not British (he says because they don't hold passports - for him it's never about race, surely one of - if not the - determining factor of nationality?). Presumably if they did hold a little piece of paper saying they're "British" RL would have to grudgingly accept that?

What made me struggle to keep my tea and toast down was the fact that RL constantly harps on defending the CIA, Guantanamo and Zionist wars in his "cheeky chappy" 'The Sun'-homed banter of yer 'Cock Sparrer' style guvnor, with a nod n a wink.

The only problem is that he comes across more as an ignorant Arfur Daily type whose best-mate is a tacky football agent called Gluckstein.

He is always excusing the terrible actions of the Neo-Cons without realising it is these very actions that put our people, and our troops (sent on their Neo Con excursions) in a very real danger.

At the same time he is the first one to cosy up to the immigrants who "speak like us" (oooh - a tie-in with the BNP story there) and who 'share our values.'

I always wonder what it is with these people.

If the millions of Muslims living in UK plc converted tomorrow and became Christians they would have to accept their presence.

Just see how they bat not an eyelid over the presence of millions of Afro-Caribbeans who are (nominal) Christians.

No matter that the children and grandchildren of Afro-Caribbean immigrants fuel quite a bit of crime in places like London and Birmingham.

Presumably if the hypothetical Asian mass-converts continued to make parts of our cities no-go areas, and their children and grandchildren were just as rootless and disenfranchised, because they were no longer "Islamonazis" the likes of Littlejohn, the BNP and Mad Mel Phillips would have to accept them?

Have them dress in Man Utd and Chelsea tops n jeans. Have their women wear micro skirts and get paralytically drunk every Saturday night. Have them support "democracy" and "Brave Little Israel." Have them munching McDonalds and politely clapping America's latest cultural gift to the world...

Such would be anathema to most racial nationalists; and therein lies the difference.

You see the likes of Littlejohn, Phillips and their ideological compatriot Aaronovitch, as well as the leadership of the BNP, is that this is all about Islam and the language of the journalists on the CIA and Mossad pay lists.

It's not about Race for these people. It's not even about getting Islam (just "Islamonazis"), Hinduism and the Sikh religion - never mind Judaism! - out of the country.

I would rather a Muslim woman speaking Punjabi in a head-to-toe letter-box outfit.

Better that than a "British Asian" in jeans n boob-tube trying to mix it with my kids.

I know which one will refuse to mix, and which one will be easier to send home.


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